Saturday, April 25, 2009

To Do and Been Done

To Do (within the next 10 years):

1) buy a house
2) get a new bed
3) get a new dining table
4) get new chair and loveseat!!!!
5) get a new entertainment center

we did purchase a china cabinet this week (*dance dance dance*)

for a fleeting second, some old painful feelings revisited me and now i've spent the moments since trying not to let them back in. like i said a long time ago, i think i'd feel a lot better if i knew how others saw may be bad but at least i wouldn't wonder all the freakin time.

and i'll just say this...i absolutely love 99% of the people i work with. the other 1% are complete morons.

i think i'll just spend my days (or entire life) reading and drinking coffee and napping. human interaction is too exhausting.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Her headaches are constant, increasing in pain
with each passing day...
She can hardly stand on her own, it's gotten so bad

And you think of saying, "There's no use in praying."
Still, she bows her head
So she can say, "Thank You for just one more day."

Supernatural patience graces her face
and her voice never raises
It's all because of a love never let go...

He has every reason to throw up his fists
in the face of his God who let his mother die...
Through all the prayers and tears, she still passed in pain anyway

And you think of saying, "There's no use in praying."
Still, he bows his head
So he can say, "Thank You for ending her pain."

Supernatural patience graces his face
and his voice never raises
It's all because of a love never let go

He is teaching me
what love really means...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sleepy time...

if you asked me what three things i love the most, i'd probably say...

1) my husband
2) my puppy
3) my car

3 things i like/love...loke...?

1) my gray straight leg jeans
2) winged eyeliner
3) orbit gum

and 3 things i hate...?

1) taking a shot every day
2) lizards
3) the moronic drivers that comprise 95% of new orleans

once i muster the strength, i see a shower, shaved legs, "eclipse" and wonderful, wonderful sleep...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

my little angel

i love this little dog...

shower time...that's when i think of all sorts of things i wanna blog about.

i forget them when i actually sit down to type.

i was thinking this week (via convo with a certain FSIL) about the ridiculous nicknames all our pets have/had...

so i thought i'd compile a list if for no other reason than to aid my memory as i continue to grow old.


Christian name: Rio
Nicknames: fuzzy, fuzzy mutt, too fuzzy, puffalump, worm, scrawns

Christian name: Peaches
Nicknames: peababy, it peas, it's hey it's pea, black-eyed pea

Christian name: Pumpkin
Nicknames: punky brewster, booter, punker, pee-yunkin, blob

Christian name: Kelsey
Nicknames: kelsey june, blue eyed gut dog, kj

Christian name: Scooby
Nicknames: schmoobers, shmibby schma

Christian name: Lacy
Nicknames: mule, lacy mule

Christian name: Robin
Nicknames: rob rob, big momma

Christian name: Ella
Nicknames: biscuit, bean, ella bean, squirrel

why do we even name our pets? geez...

friday night, i had a vivid dream that both confused me, yet i didn't want to end. maybe i didn't want it to end because i was confused...

oh yeah, happy easter. i was hoping it'd be storming by now. in a non-destructive way, of course.

unlike last thursday where i try to trounce across the street to work in a DRIVING rainstorm...the gate to the apt. complex shut on my HEAD, knocking my umbrella out of my hands and one of my earrings out...

the rain ceases as i enter the building...FML....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


seriously this nausea has got to go away. there had best not be anything growing in my uterus.

parents were here this past weekend...which equaled lots of eating out. perhaps that's why....hmmm.

saturday was theo's...wandering up and down magazine...getting rudely removed from the bridal section at mimi's (they can burn in hell, by the way)...attempting a diabetic coma from the heavenly morsels that are bee sweet cupcakes (originally went to get a puppycake for ella's b-day...we ended up with one of every flavor)...a fitful nap (blegh!) and sun ray's portabello quesadillas...

and then...

brunch on sunday at the palace cafe. best meal i've had in new orleans. officially.

even if i did yak it up a few hours later cause of my INSANE GASTROINTESTINAL PYROTECHICS!!!

so far, people are serving nothing more than to teach me the kind of person i do not want to be.

and i adore arcade fire...i'm gonna learn the hurdy gurdy.

it's an instrument. not a dance.