Monday, March 5, 2012

cribs: squatters' edition

it's march and we're still squatting in an apartment. it usually doesn't bother me that much, although i am dying to finally unpack these boxes. but tonight i got a little impatient/annoyed because i realized you can get a really super freakin' nice house in arkansas or dallas for what we're paying on a short sale (upside of short sale: crazy good deal). the downside would be having to live in arkansas or dallas and neither suit our personalities whatsoever. the everett's fit no mold!

anywho, i thought blogland should have a better idea of the digs we've lived in since december 26th.

this is the "master" bedroom. if you'll recall, we gave away almost all of our furniture in new orleans and are waiting until we move in a house to buy more. so i sleep on the day bed. matt sleeps on the trundle underneath. ella sleeps in the red velvet bed on the floor. you can see her crap face on the pillows on the bed. being a crap face. ah and yes...our sliding closet doors are mirrored.

this is my tv watchin' view. the day bed doubles as a couch. because we don't have one. that's my pile of clothes on top of the pile of boxes. and i was watching e! news.

the luxurious master bath. it's actually not bad, space-wise. it just has a stand-up shower that makes leg shaving impossible and/or dangerous.

this is the second bedroom. currently our washer/dryer and 50% of our crap are living in it.

check out this high quality washer and dryer. the washer makes interesting seal-like noises whilst agitating. it's agitating.

the kitch. there's nowhere else the trash can go. we do actually have a garbage disposal (silver lining).

dining room. and my font has changed. FOR NO REASON. also, i dig through all those boxes a lot.

living room. you can see our mardi gras wreath along with matt's punkin head. and what 70s apartment is complete without vertical blinds?!?

this is matt's bathroom, complete with jacuzzi tub that only ella has used.

and here's doofy butt dog. looking like she only has one paw.

please pray we can close on our house soon. surely this stirred some sense of sympathy deep in your bowels.