Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i'm really quite pathetic...

so i got ella her christmas present.

it's a hide-a-squirrel. and the 3 squeaky squirrels are sinfully cute. kind of like ella.

i also have some unhealthy obsessions with the following:

woodwick candles. i have pumpkin butter, brown sugar and apple cider candles right now and i've been know to burn them simultaneously. although the crackling sound makes me think it's raining.
i realized my dream of owning a le creuset dutch oven. and i'm hoping to add a couple. beware: the plastic knobs are only ovenproof to 350 degrees. learned. hard. way.

oh lawsie. this sandwich is pure heaven. sometimes i make it twice a week. it's chedder, provolone, tomato, purple onion and green chiles. grilled. so that it's all melty. and divine.

annalee christmas mice. HOW CUTE ARE THEY?! i have two so far. i love them so much i actually want to be one.

two more things: got my audit score back for the cpa exam...passed that sucker.

and i got a tattoo.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

i could be there for you

ugh november is busy.

we did go see these guys sunday.

honestly, my most favorite female voices of all time. unique and harmonious and perfect. i'd be violently jealous if they weren't so darn cute.

i did kind of feel out of place when we went to see them...they were playing with say anything (gag a maggot) and the place was crawling with teeny boppers and their 10 gauge hoops and psychedelic hoodies. and giggling. there was so much giggling.

i'm ready to be home for a few days. christmas shopping is done with the exception of one that i still need to purchase and one that i still need to come up with.

i've decided to end each post with a random picture that i come across on my hard drive.

meet kelsey, scoobie and little fearless. my parents' welsh corgis. so cute and sweet i could cry.

i think there's something in my eye....i have to go now...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

a massive fatty... what i will be shortly.

if you open our refrigerator, you'll be blinded by the glare off of aluminum foil. we have so.many.leftovers.

they include:

- one piece of tombstone supreme pizza
-the remnants of the top tier of our wedding cake
- half of a dish of squash and zucchini casserole
- an ungodly amount of gingersnap caramel pumpkin cheesecake (100% homemade, i might add)
- a homemade chicken pot pie that would make a believer out of the biggest decent pot pie atheist.

i made up that term.

i cooked for hours saturday night and i loved it. Lord, please provide me with a kitchen that can safely fit more than one person and a dog.

i might post the recipe for the cheesecake when i don't have a towel wrapped around my wet hair causing neck cramps.

and the recipe for pie crust that's so easy, a caucasian girl in her mid-twenties that occasionally runs red lights and mispronounces common words could do it.

we started "the curious case of benjamin button" last night but didn't finish it. and the only reason we watched it is because blockbuster had their finger up their butt and i sent us the wrong disc of "dexter" from our queue.

hurricane ida will be here by morning. kind of a drag. i've missed hurricanes about as much as i've missed my acne.

saints 8-0, baybee! who dat!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

before i forget...

i need to get this post out of my system while it's fresh in my mind.

misti, i dedicate this post to you for inspiring it.

The Musical Timeline of My Insignificant Life. And Also...Random Use of Capitalization

my first genre of musical obsession was *gulp* country. i know. i KNOW. but i could straight up flow to some reba, garth, little texas, brooks and dunn, patty loveless, the judds...i could go on but i think those few will lose me enough friends.

i watched CMT like it was going out of style (it so was) and i remember being very disturbed by the video for reba's "the night the lights went out in georgia." i can't talk about it anymore.

the first non-country song i remember knowing was "ironic." in seventh grade. on the way to cheerleading camp.

the first non-country music video i saw was "lovefool" by the cardigans.

hence my slow descent into the paradox of 90s pop. there was an n*sync obsession. there was a disney concert special obsession. i used to keep a blank tape in my stereo so that if a song i liked came on the radio, i could record it.

i think i still have a mixed stolen-from-the-radio tape of "the next episode" by snoop and dre...

in high school, i decided i was angry and rebellious. and should therefore listen to music that makes you angry and rebellious. oh and depressed. there was some staind. some linkin park. godsmack. flaw. cold. i even owned (and adored) every creed album.

i would like to thank xanga for introducing me a beaucoup of diverse music. i would peruse peoples' sites to see what they were "currently listening" to and then download it. that led to my introduction to death cab, lovedrug, copeland, juliana theory (rip), rilo kiley, eisley, wilco...

and that is where i am today. not only am i a music snob. i am an indie music snob. that's like a category 4 music snob.

and in case anyone is wondering...

all-american rejects, good charlotte, simple plan, yellowcard, bowling for soup and fountains of wayne are NOT indie, NOT emo, NOT punk and NOT good.

unless you like them and in that case, they all totally rock!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

fun at work

whilst perusing the pictures on my work laptop, i realized that i only have pictures on here that i've acquired for the sole purpose of emailing to a co-worker for their enjoyment/to piss them off/to gross them out. below is a small sampling of said pics:

accountants really are way fun.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

all hallow's eve...


pretty uneventful halloween at the everett house but i kind of prefer it that way...

a picture is worth a thousand words so here's 4000 words.

A very pissed off but very cute "ella"phant from halloween 2007.

coffee and a sinfully delicious strawberry-filled cupcake at sucre'

anniversary roses in my new milk glass vase...or "vahhhhze"

top tier of our wedding cake that did not taste like crap...

it's november 1 and my calendar is already full. i get exhausted just looking at it. so i've hung a pillowcase over it. just kidding. i'd be inclined to think it was july or maytember without a calendar constantly in front of my mediocre freckled face.