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I live in Portland with my sexy beast of a husband, Matt, and our way-too-cute little dog, Ella. We like coffee, music, shows and listening to music at shows.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

soundtrack of 2011

i usually post the songs in chronological order...but since this year was ridicrazy, i didn't get a chance to keep a running list.

civilian - wye oak
so american - portugal. the man
i can never relax - hellogoodbye
pink champagne - lovedrug
monster monster - the almost
terrible world, give me more! - the bigger lights
direction - the starting line
she was raised by a man with a sickness - bradley hathaway
kmag yoyo - hayes carll ( got made fun of for that one)
plath heart - braids
you told the drunks i knew karate - zoey van goey
go outside - cults
abducted - cults
you know what i mean - cults
oh my god - cults
for you - angus & julia stone
down in the valley - the head & the heart
we will all be changed - seryn
simple math - manchester orchestra
unrequited love - lykki li
mr moon - eisley
baby - warpaint
home - edward and the magnetic zeros
your hand in mine - explosions in the sky (theme song to FNL)
i and love and you - the avett brothers
like a fool - lawrence arabia
don't stop (color on the walls) - foster the people
pumped up kicks - foster the people
thin air - aqualung
rox in the box - the decemberists
take your mama - scissor sisters
look at me now - chris brown ft busta and lil wheezy (i WILL know all the words by 2012)

i'm leaving some out. i always do.

"you win, you always do."
- robert goule

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

the 12 days of new orleans

i have 12 more days here. twelve car-less days. apparently it takes a loooong time to ship a car to portland, so we went ahead and dropped his car off at the shipping place and we're just left with rosie.

this post was interrupted by her highness, ella the butt, who "needed" to go potty and in the process, i locked myself out of the house. none of my neighbors were home, but they were showing a house across the street. so i scurry across the street in my fuzzy snowflake slippers and ask the potential tenant if i can use his phone. thankfully, he was a nice guy and matt was able to come let me in. but still...ella's fault.

speaking of showing houses, we're hoping to move into this little jewel in the next couple of months.

we gave away 90% of our furniture last night to a sweet girl that had been in eastern europe as a missionary for the past 6 years. so we have nothing to put in said house. but it sure is cute. and portland has an ikea (!!!)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

as you know...

...we're moving to portland, or

but in case you didn't know, here's some pics of portland and all her beauty.

now shopping for a raincoat and hunter wellies.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

coming soon

i'll (most likely) have some news to share in the coming days.

until then enjoy this picture from christmas 2007

Monday, October 24, 2011

tear jerker

i'm not a big crier at movies. i've been known to well up during certain films (blue valentine), but mainly just if an animal died. not a human. animal.

but there have been 4 movie/tv moments that have made me cry like a big dumb homo.

i will share them with you, in chronological order:

1) ok, fine, i sobbed after i saw pearl harbor. i saw it in the theater in high school. i was misty-eyed during the scene where danny is dying and raf tells him he's gonna be a daddy. but then i got in my car to drive home and lost it. i sat in the parking lot, bellering on the phone to my mom about how they named the baby "danny" and raf and evelyn raised him together. i missed my curfew.

2) when ryan atwood left at the end of the first season of the oc. run-on sentence. but seriously. ryan does the noble thing and leaves the cohen's mansion to go raise his bastard kid. literally drives off into the sunset. but when jeff buckley's "hallelujah" starts...and kirsten starts stripping the sheets off his bed and sobbing...UGLY.CRY.

3) i was way late in seeing the shawshank redemption. but after i saw it, matt literally had to hold me, while i pressed my salty sticky face into his polo shirt. the old man that works in the prison library is released from prison. nowhere to go. doesn't know a soul. and he winds up hanging himself. this poor, old grampy hung himself. and it tore me up something good. major soft spot for fogeys.

4) friday night lights spoiler. but you see it coming a mile away so it doesn't really matter. first off, i just love matt saracen. the way he talks like his mouth is full of marbles. his patience with his schizo grandma. i want a travel-sized matt saracen. but then...when his father dies. wow. the performance zach gilford gives as he goes through the 5 stages of grief is incredible. it was a long, hard, snotty, swollen-eyed sobfest.

i have to go. i have a...food...in the oven.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

fantasy knuckleheads

last year, matt joined a fantasy football league at work. neither of us were really into the NFL before (except for the saints!), but it was really fun. especially since he won. so i wanted to play this year.

we started a league with some friends from church that was originally 5 girls and 3 guys. so me and my friend, meredith, decided we really needed to punch it up with some girly team names. we eventually had 2 more guys join the league, but that didn't stop me from naming my team "the monistat 7." and with a current record of 0-3, i have last place firmly locked.

i usually don't have fun when i lose, but this is still fun. matt, of course, is undefeated. anything that involves some element of luck is an automatic death sentence for me. the brashears are not known for their luck.

in other news, tiny little ella biscuit had to get her yearly shots yesterday and she is beyond puny today. we enjoy laughing at her misery, which bodes well for our future children.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


i always intend to blog more. i just never do.

so here's what i've been up to in DIY Land:

this is the box valance i made for our big living room window. using foam board, of all things.

i had to buy a staple gun and scared myself to death using it. i'm not so good with guns.

hubby bought me a sewing machine! it's for my birthday. which is in october. c'est la vie. got that "telephone desk" at a thrift store.

obligatory ella picture. this is how the doofus sleeps.

my first sewing project! well the green one anyways. the other one was the first pillow i ever made and i used stitch witchery. not.a.fan. it'll probably get redone.

i sewed the first two here. the orange in the back is another victim of my stitch witchery. also, i'm addicted to buying fabric off of ebay. actually, the yellow one was a remnant from joann's. i get social anxiety when i have to go to the fabric cutting lady at fabric stores so i just use the remnants. it's gonna be the next big trend in sewing.

all my happy throw pillows in all of the their non-matching glory.

this was a no-sew pillow cover. just knotted the fabric in the middle. i think it'd look better with a solid colored fabric but that's boring.

i was trying to get a better view of the knot. the busy-ness of this pattern (called "vintage people"...presh) really camouflaged my expertly tied boy scout knot.

in other news, tropical storm lee is here this weekend. it has beat my poor impatiens bloomless and woke me up several times with its howling winds.

also, i cut my hair into an angled bob. it's cute as a button. next time, purple streaks.

mid-life crisis?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

casa de everett (picture-heavy)

matt and i have lived in our current house for about 4 months and i realize i've never really posted any pics of it. mainly because it is still quite sparse. we went from 900 sq ft to 1500 sq ft and definitely not enough furniture to fill it up. i'm also only showing pics of the rooms that i don't mind people seeing. and a couple of DIY doo-hickies at the end.

first off, this is the episode of the office that was on while i was taking pictures (we have a tv in our bedroom...our marriage is doomed). can you guess which episode it is, misti dawn harrington walker?? ("i call this...'the bumper test'")

you may recognize that magic eye looking canvas from this post. it has been replaced and now sits on top of the bookshelf in the guest room. please do not closely inspect said bookshelf...it was a PITA to put together. three things of note: the terrifying pic of ella on the top shelf, my tech bulldog and my "serve it up" award from pine cove on the bottom shelf.

this is to show how bare the guest room is. my mom did the painting on the wall. her wall art is much better than mine. and all my winter shoes are in that closet.

we do have an actual bed in the guest room. the mismatched bedding looks bizarre, i realize. and i actually think my avocado chair looks good with the teal curtain. you'll notice i don't hang two curtain panels on any window. it's a quirk. DEAL WITH IT.

this is ella biscuit wanting me to open the blinds so she can watch the neighborhood cats nap on our front porch. i didn't oblige. suck it, pal.

one view of the living room. please note: the 70s loveseat inherited from my parents, the one curtain panel and the tissue paper flower on the coffee table. i fit no style mold.

ella laying by her favorite pillow. i made the cover out of 2 napkins from world market.

the couch where my butt expands from east to west. and ella naps all the live long day. jan also did that painting above the couch. she made it manly for matt.

this floor lamp was a nice garish brass color so i first tried painting it krylon's "tuscan sunset." totally came out titty pink. so it got repainted in jade. much better.

another sommer original. just give me some painter's tape and some neon acrylics.

matt doesn't like the pink so i've made its home in my bathroom. because in 3 years of marriage, we've yet to actually share a bathroom.

there's two other bedrooms, two bathrooms, a laundry room, a foyer and two porches that i didn't include. maybe one day.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

a (blog) break from DIY

i've still been DIY-ing my little rump off, but i decided a spontaneous non-DIY post was in order. because this is important.

2011 is over half-way done. we're on the downhill slope to fall and pumpkins and soup and cardigans and spiced cider. and while 2010 proved to be a great year in terms of music, this year has been, shall we say, underwhelming.

but two little jewels have occupied all my ipod time this year.

first off is lykke li (pronounced like "licky lee"). she has phoebe's "sexy phlegm" going on and while her newest album wounded rhymes initially started my infatuation, her older album, youth novel, is equally enchanting. she does sing a song about prostitution called "get some," so i wouldn't necessarily recommend her for your 8 year old iCarly-tee-shirt-wearing prepubescent.

Then there's Cults. yes, they have a penchant for long hair. and yes their name is "Cults." but look at that doll-faced little piece up there. with a sugary sweet voice to match AND her name is madeleine ("lighter than air") which is only one of the most preciousiestestest names ever. their songs will forever remind me of summer. and not just because it's summer. and i'm listening to them. they are in the lead for my prestigious "band of the year" for 2011. i've never done a band of the year, but it's still prestigious.

i would say pandora these fools, but i'm way past pandora and have been building my life around spotify. get.your.spotify.on. listen to pretty much any song for free. FO FREE. that's my favorite price.

p.s. i quit biting my fingernails about a month ago and it's hard learning to retype with these raptor talons!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

my DIY is getting better

i've moved on from pouring paint into jars and calling it a craft to making things that are actually useful.

i used to keep all my jewelry (well, necklaces. i own like 3 bracelets) in a jewelry organizer that hung in the closet. when we moved to this house, i realized the rod in the new closets was too big for the hook on my jury thingie. so it hung on our closet door for months. until i saw this idea on pinterest.

i already had the towel rack (which was a blinding nickle silver) so i got some $5.99 shower curtain hooks from marshall's and some oil rubbed bronze spray paint.

i think i may have hung it a little high, but i have some long necklaces and i didn't want them dangling in the laundry hamper below. Dangle. Hee hee.

obligatory picture of "ella-pecia" in all her devil eyed glory.

now my coffee filter lamp has been a debacle. gluing on the filters was no problem. but when i screwed the shade on my original lamp base that was reeeeeeally skinny, it looked like a mushroom. on meth. a methroom. so i bought a plain white one at tarjay and spray painted it.

our guest bedroom has: 1) a bed, 2) a table, and 3) a chair. that's it.

oh and this lamp. it's a shame when a table lamp is the focal point of a huge bedroom.

lately i've been making tissue paper flowers like a fool but i've been too lazy to take pictures...mainly because they are lame.

it's been raining too much to run so that's how i've been spending my time. it lets my shin splints heal.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Now that we're home...

...here's my Top 5 Favorite Things About Seattle (besides food, since I already covered that):

1) The weather. Holy crap. It may have possibly reached in the 70s the first few days but after that, it never got out of the 60s. I don't think I even sweated. Like at all.

2) The coffee. Duh. I took pics of the foam art on our lattes/mochas but they're on my phone and I'm lazy. Seattle Coffee Works was our fave. All drinks had double espresso as a standard. Didn't have to bother with "an extra shot." And they had a "slow bar" that we didn't get to take advantage of. **hates ending sentences with prepositions.

3) The flowers. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful.

These baskets hung from every light post.

The market had the biggest peonies I've ever seen. And $10 bouquets!

These window boxes ran along the top of every store in the market. Sunflowers are so happy.

4) The views. When we were riding in the cab to our hotel from the airport, we immediately noticed the beautiful trees and mountains. And then we actually went up to an observation tower and wow...
We didn't go to the Space Needle because it was too far to walk and cabs were a hassle. But the building we went to on Jefferson and 5th was actually higher so we got a better view. Say "hi" to the Space Needle!

5) The people. Cars stopped and let us cross the street. Just out of human decency. And all of our waiters/waitresses were sooooooo nice and personable. Is southern hospitality a myth?

Today, I'm vacation-sick. And I have to go back to work tomorrow.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vacation Food

So Matt and I have been in Seattle on vacation this week. And while I love New Orleans food in all its fried-in-peanut-oil glory, I've loved eating some fresh, fresh West coast seafood.

These are my favorites (in order):

(also, misti, feel free to stop reading if this is going to make you eat your pillow or alan's head.)

1) The special at Serious Pie on Sunday was pizza with roasted garlic, chanterelle (sp?) mushrooms, and buffalo mozzarella. OMG. The roasted garlic was like candy. So sweet and creamy and NOM NOM NOM.

2) Ivar's crab cakes are the BEST EVER. With a stone ground mustard aioli and topped with basil/balsamic tomatoes. Holy rusted metal.

3) Shrimp cups!!! The fish market at Pike's would sell these little cups of huge shrimp drowning in a homemade cocktail sauce. We ate them twice.

And although not a food, we also visited The Juice Emporium twice for coconut, pineapple and watermelon juice. SO yummy. And healthy!

Soon will be back to the tasteless swill that manage to scrounge up so we don't starve. Saddest!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

very, very, very basic DIY

i'm not terribly crafty. ok. i'm not crafty. i can't draw, paint, and i have terrible handwriting. but what i can do is smear paint on random objects and call it a craft. here's a collection of my elementary, simple, duuurrrhhhhh "crafts."

these were two vases that i'd held onto from the times matt got me roses. the color scheme i'm going for in the living room is oranges/corals and blues with hints of sage/avocado. so at michael's, i picked up a bottle of acrylic paint in pumpkin and one in turquoise. afterwards, i realized that the orange one really does resemble a pumpkin. but i digress.

all i did was wash and dry the vases and then pour an indeterminable amount of paint in each one. i added a dash of water (i really just wet my hand and let drip a few drops into the vase) to thin out the paint a little and then swirled it until it covered the entire inside of the vase. i put it upside down on a paper plate for about thirty minutes, wiped the top with a wet rag and then let it finish drying right side up overnight. NOT rocket surgery. but i like them.

also while i was at michael's, i grabbed two cans of spray paint (krylon's "blue ocean breeze" and "avocado"). the avocado is my latest obsession. i tried it out on my cupcake stand that was originally silver and i'm liking it.

i liked it enough that decided to paint a whole chair. i even went to the trouble to sand and prime the chair before using two cans of spray paint.

my old desk lamp needed a facelift so i gave it a coat of blue ocean breeze. i'm going to get brown coffee filters to make a "ruffled" shade for it, but i lack coffee filters. and a glue gun.

i didn't bother to take "before" pictures because i'm lazy and scared to try new things. this vase was originally a nice lemon/lime polka dot pattern. so it got ocean breezed too. i just put some painters tape around the opening and stuffed a plastic bag in it to keep the opening neat. it actually worked!

oh my. so i tried to make some abstract art for the master bath. michael's had some canvases on sale 2/$6 AND a 25 pc set of paint brushes for $4.99...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i got two shades of blue acrylic paint and one white and just mixed in the white with each of the blues to make the medium and light shades. close up, it looks like it was done by a third grader.

and here's how it looks in the bathroom. adds some color at least.

i'm thinking about spray painting some picture frames (loving the warm "tuscan sunset" shade) and maybe the floor lamp in our living room (brass? voms).

Thursday, June 2, 2011

lest i forget...

because TLC has decided that another show about a tattoo shop was in order, i now have even more tat ideas swimming through my mind. i need to make a list. so i don't forget.

1) a dandelion with its seeds blowing across my arm/shoulder/back with the verse from Ruth that says, "where you go, i will go." that's for matt. my love.

2) a hot air balloon. for two reasons: the first being that we saw lots of hot air balloons in napa valley on our honeymoon and i loved it. the second being the considerably cheesy fact that the more weight is dropped off the balloon, the higher it flies. see the symbology?

ssssssymbolism. what is the syyyyymbolism.

name that movie.

3) the much admired banksy drawing i posted a while back of the girl with the umbrella.

4) i have a porcelain hand mirror that my grandmother painted for me. it has a single iris on it and i'd love to get that tattooed somewhere in her honor.

5) an orange ribbon for MS awareness!!!

if i get all of those, that'll bring me to a total of 8. this is like a disease.

Friday, May 27, 2011

some pointless crap

our whole bedroom reeks of sunless tanner.

because i felt compelled to buy a romper. i'm 17, right?



so i've started running. i'm slow as molasses and sweat like a hot donkey, but i managed to shave a minute off my mile time this week. don't expect that to happen again for a while. but i did find a $5 bill on the sidewalk across from the snoball stand whilst running. i gave it to the Lord.

and then i found $5 in my pants pocket this morning. full circle, bay-BEE!

so now that i'm actually doing some physical activity, my appetite is off the charts. my tummy begs for comestibles waaaay more than it used to and it has FORCED me to make cookies and buy a bag of chocolate chips today. to bake more cookies. and completely FUBAR some homemade pop-tarts. the strawberry filling hemorrhaged out of the "pop-tarts" while they were baking, leaving me with baked pie crust (i.e. lard) covered in glaze. my tummy does the dougie just thinking about it. oy.

also, i'm pretty obsessed with her blog. it's mainly about adoption (international, transracial) which isn't something i'm terribly interested in (yet) but i do enjoy her stories of raising 4 kids (all under age 6). and of course, i'm a sucker for a fellow cynical, sarcastic, socially awkward, closet twilight lover. her transparency when it comes to child-rearing gives me confidence that i could actually bring a child into this world and not screw it up completely.

*matt just closed the bathroom door and it scared the piss out of a sleeping ella. bless those hypersensitive ears.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

cause you're my wifey...

i've felt very wife-ish this weekend. yesterday i bought two baskets of impatiens and an indoor ivy to spruce up our porch and living room. i mopped. i made another pillow cover (i accidentally did it wrong-side out so that was an hour wasted, drinking coffee and listening to offensive ganster rap while my iron did all the work). i made a yummy mexican chicken and rice casserole. matt and i washed both our cars and now we're both sipping on homemade margaritas, complete with fresh limes, simple syrup and patron.

we both took off work friday to go to jazzfest. actually, we took off last friday too. to go to jazzfest. last friday, we saw mumford and sons (i could cry just thinking about it) and both got burned to a "frazzlin' crisp" as my dad would say. i was smarter this week and wore long-sleeves, thanks to our purty 75 degree weather.

friday night we saw arcade fire. my life changed forever. if you do not know who they are, i'm going to have to re-evaluate our friendship. ok i don't mean that, but seriously. they are fabulous. and cyndi lauper magically appeared during their encore for "girls just wanna have fun." i was mad trippin, yo.

i also did a gallery wall in our living room that i wasn't digging at first, but now i'm lovin. i also googled "spackling drywall" so that all of my nail holes can eventually be repaired. i'm not real big on measuring...

and happy mother's day to my sweet mom. that i used to bring bouquets of weeds to, thinking they were actual beautiful flowers.

beiber on the next ABDC?? well, suck me sideways...

{dumb and dumber quote.}

{{not a perv}}

Sunday, April 24, 2011

frugal freveretts

we've lived in our new house about a week now. we still have boxes piled in what we call "the atrium" that are full of wall decor and knick knacks. lesson 1#: don't buy all your decor specific to your current casa. because chances are it won't work in your next one.

goal: i need to learn how to cluster our frames/wall art so that the one painting that looked great on our tiny apartment walls doesn't look so sad and lonely on our more expansive house walls.

also...i've decided to entertain this thing called "frugality" and also massage the notion of being more eco-friendly. we bought a HE washer/dryer. which i stare at from time to time because it's so beautiful. i only use mrs. meyer's clean day counter spray (plant-derived essential oils) instead of fun bleachy, chemically cleaners. i just repurposed two antique glass bowls into a jewelry holder on my dresser and remote holder on my nightstand.

i made a pillow cover out of two napkins from world market and an old pillow and hem tape. total cost was less than $6.

i bought a head of romaine lettuce instead of those bags of greens that can cost almost $4. some roasted red peppers, sunflower seeds, parm and a little dressing...mmm mmm mmm.

our dinner tonight cost about $1. kraft spaghetti dinner: $1.59. can of tomato paste: .33. and we can eat it for two nights which averages to about $1/night. don't worry, we don't eat that college dormish every night.

we have tons of jasmine and gardenia growing right by our front porch so we have a constant (for now) supply of amazing smelling fresh flowers.

next up: more earth-friendly and wallet-friendly toiletry items (shampoo, body wash, etc) and homemade cleaners (but i doubt i can ever EVER beat the amazing smell of mrs meyer's lemon verbena).

and maybe a picture or two of the house when it's not nighttime outside because i become an overexcited school boy sometimes. don't know what i was thinking...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

beep beep ribbi ribbi

google it.

if you will kindly recall this post, i'd like to share with a bit of irony.

as of this past wednesday, my bank has been purchased by another bank and as of september, i'm back on the job market. does the world think i particularly enjoy looking for jobs? because i do not.

for a little brighter news, two weeks from today we are moving into the cutest little house that you ever did see. whose yard is overflowing with jasmine and a front porch adorned with the preciousist of swings. it's a good thing.

that's not a lot of info but it carries a bit of weight so i'll let it marinate in your eyes, heart and brain before i continue the never-ending drama that is life as an everett.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

things in my head...

...besides brain lesions.

there's a flurry of thoughts swirling around my wee mind and i need to get them out.

- muses thursday night = fun supreme. i didn't get a shoe but i did get a lunch box. and i got kissed by a rolling elvi.

- i just bought water for elephants, on the road, and me talk pretty one day. i hope reading them is as much fun as purchasing them off of amazon.

- i baked this weekend. banana bread and strawberry muffins. there's only two of us that live here. carb supreme.

- the new eisley album is growing on me. it's hard for me to accept change.

- speaking of which, we have a system conversion going live on friday and that will undoubtedly be the worst time of my life. so terrible it requires a sublist of its terriblicity:
*i'll be working til 10pm or later friday night.
*only to be back at 9am SATURDAY morning for the whole day
*matt flies to wisconsin for a week at 6am sunday
*daylight savings time begins. as in spring FORWARD. to certain death.

- needless to say, i'm not too excited.

- and cpa scores are released on st patty's day. my irishness better not fail me or there'll be another potato famine.

- i got a haircut i actually like. i previously looked like a hammerhead shark.

- i had 4 muffins and a piece of chicken fried steak for dinner. at 10pm.

i feel better now.

Monday, February 21, 2011

i will cry...

...if on that fateful day in march, i see passing scores flash on the computer screen. this needs to be over because the last few months, my wittle bwain has been conjuring up all sorts of things to do once i no longer have this monkey on my back.

"i hate monkeys." - michael scott

these are a few items on my list!

- make this wreath
- bake. bake like no one has baked before.
- learn to play some other chords besides "g" on the geetar.
- watch weeds, it's always sunny, curb your enthusiasm, entourage, how i met your mother, modern family, etc.
- make any and every thing on these blogs.
- continue my obsession with this
- see band of horses, mumford and sons and arcade fire
- thrift shop (specifically on magazine.)
- eat 5 billion bee sweet cupcakes
- watch my dog's fur not grow

that should do it. oh and read. for FUN.

please please please let me get what i want.

(name that reference)

Friday, January 28, 2011


matt and i had our second wedding anniversary back in october and since then, i've contemplated a few things that i would've done differently concerning our wedding.

it's not a long list by any means. it was a virtually perfect day. but i thought i'd share anyway in hopes that my experiences might actually be helpful to someone.

1) i would not have worn a tiara. i'm not a tiara girl. i'm not sure what i was thinking. if i could do it over, a feathery fascinator would've been my headwear of choice.

2) i bought a perfume specifically for our wedding day because i think the little snapshot the photographer gets of the perfume bottle in the dressing room is neat. that's why i bought philosophy's "falling in love." and i left it in my ditty bag and didn't even wear it. i just smelled like...me.

3) i would've adamantly refused to walk down the aisle before my musical cue. the bridal party and myself all walked to the same song (sigur ros' "hoppipolla") and there was a handy lull in the middle of the song that was supposed to separate the bridal party and me. the wedding coordinator forced me down the aisle during the lull so i basically walked down to silence and got to the alter right as the crescendo signaling my entrance began. it has HAUNTED me. because i tend to be a little more than obsessed with music.

4) i would have either: worn brightly colored shoes OR dyed my crinoline. i tend to evaporate when i'm only wearing ivories and whites.

5) i wish we'd done a "first look" before the ceremony. it would've been nice to get wedding party pics out of the way pre-ceremony and gotten to the reception when the guests did. ahhh southern tradition.

i decided to negate these do-overs with some things that i'm SO glad i did:

1) super short ceremony. it was done in 20 minutes so neither of us had time to lock our knees and pass out.

2) NO garter toss. NO bouquet toss. and not just because everyone there was married.

3) wore my chucks during the reception. they helped the rhythm move me.

4) ella was the perfect flower girl and i am still so proud of that little turd.

5) hid matt's car so it couldn't be defamed while we partied. i was terrified of people stuffing lizards and crickets in our getaway car.

i'll end with a random tip:

i always clean my stovetop while i'm cooking something in the oven. the heat from the oven makes it super easy to clean grime off the stove.

i'm so domestic.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

soundtrack of 2010

because the only things i can think of to blog involve nostalgia, post-holiday blues, increased work hours and alopecia x, i'll play it safe with my soundtrack of 2010...in chronological order.

2010 Soundtrack

ambulance – eisley

the valley – eisley

chasm – flyleaf

circle – flyleaf

swept away – flyleaf

listen – an horse

tourist – julian casablancas

my girls – animal collective

lion in a coma – animal collective

dominoes – the big pink

bluish – animal collective

marry song – band of horses

swim until you can't see land – frightened rabbit

I cut like a buffalo – the dead weather

the party – st. vincent

I could be there for you – eisley

broken horse – freelance whales

sun hands – local natives

airplanes – local natives

the resistance (entire album) – muse

animal – miike snow

sylvia – miike snow

gazeretti – the starlight mints

diplomat's son – vampire weekend

brooklyn – wakey!wakey!

weighty ghost – wintersleep

bear – the antlers

sylvia – the antlers

never give you up – the black keys

sun feet – eisley

foot shooter – frightened rabbit

cold wind blows – eminem

eyes like candles – passion pit

w.t.p. - eminem

untitled – eminem

two headed boy, pt 2 – neutral milk hotel

rococo – arcade fire

sprawl II (mountains beyond mountains) – arcade fire

next girl – black keys

madder red – yeasayer

mirrors – new frontiers

walking on stones – new frontiers

after the storm - mumford & sons

awake my soul - mumford & sons

precious time – the maccabees

world sick – broken social scene

everlasting light – the black keys

sinister kid – the black keys

cosmic love – florence & the machine

the mama papa – plants & animals

good friend – plants & animals

yes I would – frightened rabbit

fun stuff – frightened rabbit

kids – sleigh bells

rill rill – sleigh bells

infinity guitars – sleigh bells

i got mine - the black keys

thin air - aqualung

terrible love - the national

only went to 3 shows all year. good thing they were all amazing.