Monday, October 7, 2013

Maybe this will motivate me...

So my dear pal, Judith, posted this about "Sharing Spoons" and as someone who's usually quite apathetic and lazy, I felt momentary inspiration.  It involves 4 goals (physical, spiritual, emotional and fun) accomplished over the course of a month.  And since my laptop is a stone age piece of crap and I'm too impatient to post from my tablet, I had time to ponder these goals whilst my poor POS compy was booting up.

1) Physical - Well, I was trying to think of a running/exercise goal but this time of year is not adequate for outdoor exercise, so I'll focus on a much more important physical goal.  Get preggers!!!  Yes.  It's definitely physical.  And thanks to this fun little disease, September and October are our baby windows and September has come and gone with no baby.  Literally, my one egg is in October's basket.  Pressure is good for conception, right?

2) Spiritual - I like Judith's idea of memorizing the book of James, so I'm going with that.  James 1 memorized in October.  My dad was saved cause of the book of James AND his first name is James, so I've always had a fondness for it.

3) Emotional - To lay off the guilt!!!  I feel guilty for everything and it's been instilled in me for my whole life.  Fail a test? (and by "fail" I mean a B). Well, it's because you had some beer with friends the other night.  Have some serious car trouble?  Maybe you shouldn't have watched that really violent movie.  This has been my life since 8th grade (not the beer part).  Right now my guilt is that I'm not pregnant because I haven't been to church in a few weeks.  How ridiculous is that?  But breaking habits you've had most of your life is hard.  So this is going to be a work in progress.

4) Fun - make a new friend.  I'm ISTJ when it comes to the Meyers-Brigg's personality test and that "I" for "Introvert" might as well be as big as the sun.  The thought of being home every night makes me seriously giddy.  Few things stress me out more than friendships, so I haven't bothered with it much lately, but I need to continue to challenge myself.  Challenge my introvert-ness!!!  Typing that gave me heart palpitations, so this might be an ongoing goal as well.

As of right now, 6;48pm on Monday, October 7, I feel motivated.  That should've been one of your goals, Judith!  I guarantee you that motivating me to do something besides wear yoga pants and drink sangria is a much bigger accomplishment than running 60 miles in one month.  TRUTH.