Monday, March 17, 2014

The one with all the whining...

I try not to complain a lot.  Really, I do.  I'm not exactly known for my compassion so it'd be silly if I was always seeking it from other people.

But pregnancy does not agree with me.

I'm still puking at 22 weeks.  Not every day, but I'm still queasy in the mornings and sometimes, out of nowhere, I'll call Earl.  This past Saturday, I had to make a call to ol' Earl while riding down the road to lunch.  It went down my shirt.  It got in my hair. Poor Matt.  Just...poor Matt.

And apparently, I don't have a lot of room for my tum tum so if I eat too much, I subsequently hurl.  Wasted some good pot roast the other night...

 I've had two "conditions" that seem to not be talked about a lot in the pregnant world.

First of which was pregnancy gingivitis, which I could live with.  It just looked like a murder scene when I brushed my teeth.  The dentist said that it's because pregnancy hormones are sugar-based so bacteria looooove to feast on it.  That is the only interesting thing about that matter.

The second one being corneal edema.  Per the Google (and confirmed by my brother), when pregnant your corneas can RETAIN WATER making them thicker and causing your contacts to not fit right.  So I've been wearing glasses the last week.  Cause of my FAT CORNEAS. 

I also managed to have a slight MS flare last week where the right side of my face was droopy and numb.  I smiled weird and that was the only noticeable symptom.  Now I have feeling and strength again, but my eyelid twitches all day, erry day.  I'm hoping (PRAYING) that it's just nerves re-routing and not nerve damage.  One side of my face looks like it's in a perpetual state of sneezing.

The literal cherry on top is the cherry angioma on my lip.  A big, red dome-shaped blob on my lip that's filled with blood and bleeds everywhere if it's even slightly ruptured.  It's not pregnancy related because the god-forsaken thing has been there since about June.  It just shrinks down sometimes, but never freakin' goes away.  Again per the Google, it can be removed if found "cosmetically unsavory."

It's unsavory in every way.

In non-whining news, El Guapo kicks all day.  Like a champ.  And I love him.

I also love foooooood.

My favorite things currently:
-Golden Grahams (there's nothing like the first 2 bowls after dinner)
-Greek yogurt
-Brussel sprouts (right?!?!)
-Cold tomatoes on my turkey sandwich (yeah I still eat deli meat.  JUDGE.)
-Orange juice.  Which is apparently laden with sugar so I'm cutting back on the OJ until after my glucose screening test.

And there's never a moment in the day that I don't crave chocolate cake. 

I may have gone a little overboard on the clothes shopping for the El Guapo.  He may have 20 onesies.  And 20 sleepers.  And 20+ outfits (including baby cargo jeans).  I've curtailed that for now since we haven't bought a lot of things he actually needs.  Or...anything he actually needs, really. 

Oh, Guap.  Please be patient with me.