Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Oh my ears and whiskers...

I guess I've been on a posting hiatus.  It's mainly because posting on a tablet is a PITA, but I'm also lazy.  Never forget how lazy I am. 

I really can't think of much that's happened these last 3 months...

We saw Muse play and it was awesome AND it was on a weeknight, so we proved we are still as cool as the young cats.  And people.  I didn't actually see any cats there.

We also saw Frightened Rabbit again in March and the girl standing behind me at the show got her boyfriend to tap me on the shoulder and tell me that my ponytail was in his girlfriend's way.  I stared at him incredulously.  And of course, I immediately hacked off my ponytail.  I mean, it was in this poor girl's LINE OF VISION. 

The humanity.

I also got a new tattoo.  On my still-numb arm.  And it was still unpleasant.  But worth it.

On a serious note, I have had the sadz lately.  Like can't-climb-out-of-this-hole-might-burst-into-tears-at-any-second kind of sad.  Nothing really has happened.  There was some stressful weeks at work.  But everything is ok now.  I just can't get un-sad and it's starting to get really lonely.  I'm pretty good at being fake-happy when I need to be, but it gets tiring and I find myself being nonchalant and dismissive when people talk to me.  Then I feel like a jerk.  And that makes me sad(der). 

I just needed to say that somewhere.  When people at work say "Hey, Sommer, how are you?" I know they're just expecting a "I'm fine!"  Not a drawn-out sob story about teetering on the hairy edge of a nervous breakdown.  That's not well-received in a corporate setting.  Even if the kegerator is out.

And today, the kegerator is NOT out.

I can't end on such a glum note. 

Here's good news:  Ella has some fur growing back!  Fuzzy, soft baby furs!  She no longer has a back that only a mother could love.