Thursday, August 20, 2009


"hope floats" was my comfort movie in college...i watched it every sunday for a year
"the photo album" by death cab was/is my comfort cd...and makes me happy when skies are gray

dashboard's "don't wait" makes me ache for the weeks between pine cove and grad school...

as long as "friends" is on, all is right with the world.

and i have coffee. i want this. now. i'd take it to all my clients and never worry about the 3pm slump again.

it is impossible to be sad/mad/cranky when you see this face:

or this face:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


i always have my breakthrough revelations while in the shower...almost every night, i come to a brilliant realization. about something.

yeah so this weekend/week was spent in dallas...allow me to recap:

- actually had starbucks. twice. i never go there when i have to spend my own money. and by never, i mean unless i have to cause i will. i totally will.

- toured two $800,000 model homes and lusted my face off

- learned what a lanai is, but after reading the definition on wikipedia, i realize i knew what it was all along and was falsely corrected.

- had two sips of the worst.margarita.ever.

- once again had the yummiest tortillas of my life

- watched "taken" and totally loved it although i was ridiculously afraid to stay alone in a hotel room alone after watching it... wikipedia provides what is probably the most pathetic movie description known to man but i'm too lazy to imdb.

- the shower in my hotel had two shower heads

- that deserves its own hyphen on the list

- i find downtown dallas to be 10 times creepier than the french quarter

- the man who sat by me on the plane today was quite the creepy mccreeperson (that's for you, t). check out the creepiness:
1) he explained to me the carnal logics behind dolphin sex
2) said he heard that redheads liked to be "slapped"
3) mentioned several times about taking a picture of me to send to his ex-wife

i was quite glad to see my sweet, adorable, non-creepy husband waiting to pick me up...

Thursday, August 6, 2009


we all have them.

let's see how weird sommer is, shall we?

- i could spend an entire 20 minute car ride shuffling through songs on my ipod...i'll think of a song i want to hear and instead of going directly to it, i shuffle til i find it. i currently have over 11oo songs on my ipod. it tends to make people hate me.

- sometimes my hand will do something twice when i only told it to do it once...for that reason, i've sent emails i haven't meant to (and texts) and misspelled my own name.

- if my nightly routine gets interrupted, i can't adapt. it's shower, vitamins, pills, deodorant, teeth, hair and injection, people!!! please take note.

- i am very aware of my somewhat obnoxious obsession with my dog. and i don't care.

- i purposely try to piss people off whilst driving. i strategically plan each of my lane changes so that NO ONE has even the slightest chance of cutting me off. and let's face it, people in new orleans have no business behind the wheel.

- i'm not a huge fan of cheese. i don't eat cheeseburgers or ham and cheese sandwiches. but i do enjoy a cheesy pizza and rotel dip. i don't know why.

i'm leaving for dallas tomorrow for FIVE (5) DAYS. i am very sad to be leaving my sweet, precious boy and my adorable dog.

i took the audit section of the cpa exam wednesday...gag me with roughage.