Monday, February 21, 2011

i will cry...

...if on that fateful day in march, i see passing scores flash on the computer screen. this needs to be over because the last few months, my wittle bwain has been conjuring up all sorts of things to do once i no longer have this monkey on my back.

"i hate monkeys." - michael scott

these are a few items on my list!

- make this wreath
- bake. bake like no one has baked before.
- learn to play some other chords besides "g" on the geetar.
- watch weeds, it's always sunny, curb your enthusiasm, entourage, how i met your mother, modern family, etc.
- make any and every thing on these blogs.
- continue my obsession with this
- see band of horses, mumford and sons and arcade fire
- thrift shop (specifically on magazine.)
- eat 5 billion bee sweet cupcakes
- watch my dog's fur not grow

that should do it. oh and read. for FUN.

please please please let me get what i want.

(name that reference)