Sunday, February 28, 2010


i did not enjoy this week.

thursday afternoon, one of the partners at work called me into his office. my little heart sank when i saw our HR rep in there too. then the inevitable happened.

laid off.'s a p&n tactic to hire a bunch of kids right out of school that they can pay less and kick older staff that cost them more money out the door. the partner really had no valid reason. and he sputtered and stuttered whenever i asked a question or made an earth-shatteringly valid point.

my work bff was let go too. maybe we're just too attractive...??

ella was at work with me that day. i never take ella to work. the Lord must've known i'd need my little buddy to lick my cheeks while i packed up my stuff.

i'm already bored out of my mind. my parents were here this weekend for wedding stuff, so that distracted me. and a little retail therapy with ol jan.

and my bottomless glass of sauvignon blanc at dinner friday night.

i feel like i've been dumped by a boyfriend. it's the exact same feeling. and i have the sadz.

if anyone wants to come down to new orleans and hang out, i'm totally free.


p.s. i had a brunch of grits and grillades today. that combined with about 12 mimosas made my day a little less dim.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


i've been thinking about posting this for a while and i guess since it hasn't left my mind, i should get it off my chest.

after 26 years of existence, i decided maybe i'm some rare special snowflake that just isn't meant to have close girlfriends.

sommer, could you elaborate please?

why yes. yes i can.

i had one best friend from 1st-6th grade. then i made the cheerleading squad in junior high and those durn pom pons (yes it's pom poNs) just ripped us apart. we were merely civil throughout the next 4 years.

for those 4 years, i was a floater. i had my cheer friends. my band friends. my friends that were just my friends cause our parents were friends. my church friends.

then i switched schools for my junior year. which was a death wish friend-wise cause you can't penetrate those circles of friends that've been together since the boob. i could sum up my role in those friendships in one word: expendable. "oh i don't have anyone else to hang out with so i'll call up ole sommer!!!!!! weeee yaaahhh bleegghhh eeeee!!!!"

i saw right through you.

and then you did something completely horrible to me and i will never forget it. friendship. over.'s hard to make friends in college. and i didn't until the end of freshmen year. then i had a select few bestest friends.

i'm terrible at keeping in touch. i know this. i'm mainly not still friends with anyone from high school because i'm the only one in my class that went to tech. and 90% of them still live in el dorado.

and i moved waaaaaay down here to new orleans. by myself. well. one of my good friends was down here too. but a series of unfortunate events (lemony snicket!) has put a major glitch in that relationship. i've posted about it before. i'm still too angry to talk about it. and i'm still ok with being this angry about it.

it really takes a lot to piss me off. or at least it did before i finally woke up and laced up the ball hairs. now i'm pretty crap-intolerant. that's a medical term.

so it's pretty much me+matt=bff4lyfe. and ella. i have alison here now. who's so sweet and has never ever hurt my feelings. i have a church i love. misti cheers me up at least twice a week, even from 6 hours away.

maybe. MAYBE. i can have close friends again. but for the most part, i'm pretty ok just on my own. because i've been on the outside (oh this sounds so pity party! sorry!) in pretty much all my girlfriendships. so i don't really feel like i'm in a new place emotionally. just a place i've finally come to accept and now i can quit fretting over why i don't have close girlfriends.

i guess it makes me me. but for the record: i am pretty awesome. you basically want to be my friend.

unless you don't. that's cool too.

*end "woe is me" pity party hats

Sunday, February 21, 2010


i go from so full i can't eat another bite to starving in about 1.5 hours. worms?

i got worms.

i'm only making this post i remind myself of stuff to post about later. and in the time it took to type that sentence, i forgot some of them.

girls. i need to talk about girls soon.

and that does not make me sound like a lesbian.

saw eisley again last night and i really really really want to be their friend. they are so cute and funny and talented and following them on twitter isn't enough for me.

the band that opened for them sucked all kinds of asparagus. the bassist still had braces. the lead singer looked like an angry midget (little person, sorry). the keyboard player's fly was down. tragic. they tried to get a circle pit going...i was all like "oh no, boy" and stuff. it didn't happen cause we were crammed in that place like cattle headed for slaughter. oh and the one girl in the band looked like ellen page. "geez, bananas, shut your freakin gob."

Sunday, February 14, 2010


i hit "enter" after i typed the title not knowing it would post. i learned something new.

the superbowl commercial with the sock monkey is on right now. one of the few commercials i liked.

unlike the game. which i liked at least 50% of. *hates ending sentences in prepositions*

the highlights from a little quadplex on st. ann included:

-black and gold tutus.
-black and gold beer. for matt.
-porch light morse code with the neighbors.
-the onside kick. that will live in our hearts forever.
-porter's interception. which caused heart palpitations of epic proportions.
-a dog running in the apt and peeing on ella's head
-drew holding his son after the game. sweetest thing i ever did see.

needless to say...carnival time has been a bit more rowdy than usual. the traffic makes me want to throw myself in front of a bus, but it's a small (to moderate) price to pay to live in new orleans at mardi gras.

my dad got to ride in the hermes parade friday night. i chased his float down st. charles and was rewarded with two bags of beads, a bag of cups and stuffed turtle. named davy.

but it was colder than a witch's tit so we left after one parade. why yes, we are hardcore.

endymion made getting to our valentine's dinner reservations a pain in the arse last night. but we were rewarded with our first 5 star dining experience. a few bites made me tear up. the blueberry meringues were unbelievable.

our alarm didn't go off this morning so we snoozed right on through church. sinners. so i made a pot roast and took a nap. i prefer to think of my constant need for sleep as a silver lining to having MS. i can drink a pot of coffee while lying in bed and be sound asleep 10 minutes later.

got two mouth-watering candles at b&bw yesterday. vanilla coconut and island pineapple. i now have 10 candles on our entertainment center. makes me want to have a seance.

my chest is feeling icky so i think i'm gonna try to see if cookies and wine (not together) will cure what ails me.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

my purpose in life... to survive til sunday without wetting myself.

ok not really. but i am mega-excited. hyphenated.

the beer i will be drinking during the beauxl (i think that's kind of a gay spelling, but i couldn't help it) is called shock top...or as i call it: "shockey" top.

ella has a saints jersey. it's so precious i could cry.

i have an adorable little container of fleur de sel that i need to use. google it. it's francais.

matt installed a swype keyboard on my droid. uhh, it's pretty friggin sweet. and it's in beta, so that makes me feel important.

ella is spread out like an oil slick, snoozing away. it's making me sleepy.

finally watched "the hangover" this weekend. i laughed. i laughed often.

but it's no "anchorman."

audrey! i look like hell!

the next 5 weekends are booked for the everetts. or at least mrs. everett.

and while i'm being random, i'll go ahead and say that i met our health insurance deductible for the year before most of you guys had recovered from your new year's hangover.

i'm actually une petite proud. sick sad life.

i really miss daria.

if you read this and still think i have a slight possibility of still being a cool person, i thank you.