Thursday, September 24, 2009


omigah, shoes...

let's get some shoes...

anyway. i am now experiencing the phenomenon that is infamous among antidepressants. i can't feel excited. however, there could be some environmental factors contributing to this and i'm just using the drugs as my escape goat (i know it's scape goat, but i like my way better).

for one, it's still like 90 degrees in this fiery furnace. how can i get excited about fall when i still break a sweat just walking to my car?

and for two, i could possibly be getting the post-holiday blues pre-holiday. i suffer greatly from post-holiday blues. seriously, my hands shake and i get a lump in my throw when i'm taking the christmas tree down. i have to stop talking about it.

and three...maybe my body is just learning to do this new thing where my brain won't let me get excited about something until the day before or something. maybe it could be the fact that i'm very quickly learning the skill of absolutely not caring. about anything. blessing and curse.

jason mraz is on l.a. ink right now. he looks like an uber dork. sorry, jason.

i want this on or around my body at sometime in the near future:

kurt vonnegut was a wise man.

Monday, September 14, 2009

pictures and a recipe

my depression glass teacups...i've suddenly become obsessed with collecting antique glass

jadite measuring cup/ houses the orange spice tea (recipe to follow)

where ella can be found while i'm getting ready in the mornings

when she's not playing skip-bo

behold...two beautiful cannolis. *drool

and in honor of the fall...ness, i've included the recipe for the orange spice tea mix that really, really, really makes me happy.

Orange Spice Tea
Equal parts
-unsweetened, unflavored instant tea (i had to get nestea (sp?) but my mother-in-law recommends lipton)
- Tang
- Country Time Lemonade mix
- sugar

Combine and add in whatever spices you like. i use lots of cinnamon and a sprinkle of cloves, pumpkin pie spice and allspice.

Add approx. 3 spoonfuls to a mug of hot water and raise your hands in celebration.

it's the ultimate comfort drink.

Monday, September 7, 2009

i don't wanna work...

...i just wanna bang on this drum all day.

weekend consisted of 3 very important activities:
1) eating
2) pouting
3) watching "dexter"

not necessarily in that order.

i did get to use all my nice serving pieces (including an ice bucket) sunday night just moments before i got rolled like a philly blunt at mexican train.

eating consisted of a new york strip at the flaming torch. best.french.onion.soup.ever.


i'd rather not discuss the pouting. i'll just say i feel almost justified in the fact that today i slept til 10:30, took two naps, never changed out of my pajamas and watched a "whale wars" marathon.

damn japanese.

i would like approximately 1827382173 woodwick candles please.

i put out my little pumpkins and fall dishtowels. used my fall shower gel (b&bw pecan passion which they don't sell anymore, lame-o's) and wore my fall perfume (dream angels desire). that managed to lift my spirits a tad.

and lsu not losing to a high school team.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


- i've been wasting far, far too much time reading this . to the point where i think i've developed eye strain. i highlight the text so it's white words on a blue background. problem. solved.

- i have fall out boy and panic! at the disco on my ipod. it hurts to admit, but i just had to say it.

- we have a tv in our bedroom...everyone advises against having a tv in the bedroom, but who doesn't love laying in bed and watching "the soup" at 1am?

- i slammed my hair in my car door when leaving starbucks this afternoon. feeelt like a moron.

- although the first pumpkin spice latte of the year (!!!!!!!!!) pretty much made up for it. and that's a confession cause the caloric/fat intake of pumpkin spice latte will make you want to hurl. the actual taste, however, does not.

- i'm just a moon without a tide.

- today, i noticed a peculiar habit i've picked up that involves me doing a quick march in place before i start walking somewhere. throw away paper towel in the bathroom, step step, leave. elevator stops at my floor, step step, leave. get coffee, step step, leave.

- like a friggin show pony.

let us band together and make this illegal. this is why God doesn't give some people kids.

was that politically incorrect? forgive me.