Tuesday, September 14, 2010


first cd i owned: celine dion - let's talk about love (gift, christmas 1997)

first pop song i ever heard: lisa loeb - stay (totally grew up on country. and rappin' rabbit.)

first music video i saw: the cardigans - lovefool (mtv was banned til i was like 15)

first car: 97 pontiac grand am. the windows didn't work and it flooded when it rained.

first kiss: i was 15. and it was awful. i was afraid i was gonna be a lesbian.

first day of 7th grade i wore: acid wash shorts and clear platform jellies. i had to put deodorant on the bottom of my feet so they wouldn't get sweaty and slide around.

first magazine i bought: a YM with antonio saboto jr on the cover. i was in 7th grade and i think it got taken away from me because there was a blurb in it about penises.

first text message: "i'm ron burgandy?" from topher cagle. in 2005. second edition nokia phone that i thought was so cool cause the sides lit up when it rang. and i had a louis vuitton phone cover.

first apartment: 305 w. california in ruston. we got robbed so i moved after my freshmen year.

first dance at my wedding: "heaven" by the fire theft. youtube it. now.

first homecoming date: mitchell wood in 8th grade. i had a ridiculously good time.

first big haircut: my SENIOR YEAR. senior year, people. went from middle of my back to my collarbone and i loved it and jan hated it.

first rated R movie: "scream" in 6th grade. had no idea what kind of movie i was about to see. scared the hell out of me. and i got in trouble.

first piercing: second hole when i was 16. downhill from there.

first job: first financial bank in el dorado. in the loan vault. and i got locked in it regularly.

i should quit while i'm ahead. that'd be a first.