Friday, February 24, 2012

the times they are a-changin'...

i finally put some effort into making my blog not look hoopty.

i am once again gainfully employed. at an architecture firm. not doing anything particularly interesting, but the coffee is good and there's free food most every day.

but the best part...


there's a kegerator in the kitchen. so last friday i had a nice glass of deschutes red chair NWPA before i left work.

portland 1. new orleans 0.

also, wednesday was national margarita day so one of the project managers made margaritas. so i drank margaritas at my desk all afternoon. then we all went out for happy hour and the company paid. i'm already spoiled.

HOWEVER...i work downtown. and boora doesn't pay for parking. so matt and i started carpooling, which means i ride with him to his work in the northwest and then hop on the streetcar to downtown. i feel like such a grown up.

i am having a hard time adjusting to working again. i miss ella. i hate getting up at 6am. i hate the traffic. but i don't feel like a worthless, steaming pile of cow dung (figuratively speaking.) {name that movie!!!!} i am once again contributing to the household. and feeding ella's food habit. it's OOC.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Eleven Questions

this came at a good time. i've felt the need to blog, but had nothing to say.


tanks, judith. tanks.

11 things about me, 11 questions to answer and 11 questions for someone else to answer...although i know less than 11 people in this entire world so i'm not holding my breaf.

Random Crap

1) february 22 will be 6 years since i was diagnosed with MS

2) the only pop tarts i'll eat are unfrosted strawberry

3) i met my husband through xanga

4) i went to a garth brooks concert on january 17, 1993

5) i was lil' miss darbonne range rider rodeo queen in 1993 (it was a big year)

6) my hair was down to my buttocks for much of my pre-adolescence.

7) i used to eat my cereal in sans milk, but still in a bowl with a spoon

8) i played the flute and piccolo in marching band

9) i also cheered for 6 years and we won state my senior year

10) i have the world's flattest feet so i will always look awkward in heels

11) my obsession with my dog knows no bounds

My Questions from Judith

1) Why did you decide to go to college? Or not go to college?
both of my parents and both of my brothers went to LA Tech, so it was kind of an obligation. i loved it though.

2) How did you pick your children's names? (And, if you don't have kids, do you have the names picked out?)
matt and i discuss our future children's names a lot. and we disagree a lot. if we have a girl, i want to name her lila because that was my best friend's mom's name when i was growing up and she recently passed away from parkinson's. maybe calvin for a boy because it's common but not common. cal for short. like cal ripken. little cal everett.

3) What was your favorite book as a kid?
ramona quimby, age 8

4) Favorite book as an adult?
redeeming love is the only book i've read more than once. but less than 3 times.

5) Is there some food item you hated as a kid but now like as an adult?
cheese. you read that right.

6) What's the best thing about your job?
flexible hours

7) What's the worst thing about your job?
no paycheck

8) Why do you blog?
because i can type faster than i can write. and i have a bad memory.

9) Why do you read my blog? Ha!
because you're my friend and i miss you (awwwwww)

10) Do you do Valentine's Day cards to family members/your significant other?
matt and i aren't big on cards. the only birthday card i ever gave him was a spiderman card that said something about a grandson. the only birthday card he's given me referred to me as a beautiful african sister. so no. we don't do cards.

11) What's your favorite flower?
i like roses which comes in handy when you live in the city of roses.

If You Dare...

1) Who taught you how to drive?

2) What's your dream car?

3) Favorite Bath and Body Works scent?

4) Is there a song/band that you absolutely hate? Like Taylor Swift?

5) Is there a piercing/tattoo that you really want?

6) What's your worst habit?

7) Does that damn ASPCA Sarah McLaughlin commercial ruin your entire day?

8) Name two people that would be on your "Elevator List."

9) Do you have a favorite Vera Bradly pattern?

10) Does the token stop spinning at the end of Inception?

11) Could you ever be vegan/vegetarian?