Friday, January 28, 2011


matt and i had our second wedding anniversary back in october and since then, i've contemplated a few things that i would've done differently concerning our wedding.

it's not a long list by any means. it was a virtually perfect day. but i thought i'd share anyway in hopes that my experiences might actually be helpful to someone.

1) i would not have worn a tiara. i'm not a tiara girl. i'm not sure what i was thinking. if i could do it over, a feathery fascinator would've been my headwear of choice.

2) i bought a perfume specifically for our wedding day because i think the little snapshot the photographer gets of the perfume bottle in the dressing room is neat. that's why i bought philosophy's "falling in love." and i left it in my ditty bag and didn't even wear it. i just smelled

3) i would've adamantly refused to walk down the aisle before my musical cue. the bridal party and myself all walked to the same song (sigur ros' "hoppipolla") and there was a handy lull in the middle of the song that was supposed to separate the bridal party and me. the wedding coordinator forced me down the aisle during the lull so i basically walked down to silence and got to the alter right as the crescendo signaling my entrance began. it has HAUNTED me. because i tend to be a little more than obsessed with music.

4) i would have either: worn brightly colored shoes OR dyed my crinoline. i tend to evaporate when i'm only wearing ivories and whites.

5) i wish we'd done a "first look" before the ceremony. it would've been nice to get wedding party pics out of the way pre-ceremony and gotten to the reception when the guests did. ahhh southern tradition.

i decided to negate these do-overs with some things that i'm SO glad i did:

1) super short ceremony. it was done in 20 minutes so neither of us had time to lock our knees and pass out.

2) NO garter toss. NO bouquet toss. and not just because everyone there was married.

3) wore my chucks during the reception. they helped the rhythm move me.

4) ella was the perfect flower girl and i am still so proud of that little turd.

5) hid matt's car so it couldn't be defamed while we partied. i was terrified of people stuffing lizards and crickets in our getaway car.

i'll end with a random tip:

i always clean my stovetop while i'm cooking something in the oven. the heat from the oven makes it super easy to clean grime off the stove.

i'm so domestic.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

soundtrack of 2010

because the only things i can think of to blog involve nostalgia, post-holiday blues, increased work hours and alopecia x, i'll play it safe with my soundtrack of chronological order.

2010 Soundtrack

ambulance – eisley

the valley – eisley

chasm – flyleaf

circle – flyleaf

swept away – flyleaf

listen – an horse

tourist – julian casablancas

my girls – animal collective

lion in a coma – animal collective

dominoes – the big pink

bluish – animal collective

marry song – band of horses

swim until you can't see land – frightened rabbit

I cut like a buffalo – the dead weather

the party – st. vincent

I could be there for you – eisley

broken horse – freelance whales

sun hands – local natives

airplanes – local natives

the resistance (entire album) – muse

animal – miike snow

sylvia – miike snow

gazeretti – the starlight mints

diplomat's son – vampire weekend

brooklyn – wakey!wakey!

weighty ghost – wintersleep

bear – the antlers

sylvia – the antlers

never give you up – the black keys

sun feet – eisley

foot shooter – frightened rabbit

cold wind blows – eminem

eyes like candles – passion pit

w.t.p. - eminem

untitled – eminem

two headed boy, pt 2 – neutral milk hotel

rococo – arcade fire

sprawl II (mountains beyond mountains) – arcade fire

next girl – black keys

madder red – yeasayer

mirrors – new frontiers

walking on stones – new frontiers

after the storm - mumford & sons

awake my soul - mumford & sons

precious time – the maccabees

world sick – broken social scene

everlasting light – the black keys

sinister kid – the black keys

cosmic love – florence & the machine

the mama papa – plants & animals

good friend – plants & animals

yes I would – frightened rabbit

fun stuff – frightened rabbit

kids – sleigh bells

rill rill – sleigh bells

infinity guitars – sleigh bells

i got mine - the black keys

thin air - aqualung

terrible love - the national

only went to 3 shows all year. good thing they were all amazing.