Tuesday, July 28, 2009

have you seen a more unphotogenic dog?

i mean, seriously. look at this.

i hope we have better luck with our human babies...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I have been edited...

...by my dear sweet husband. please see the comments in the previous installment for "the real story" surrounding the oreos.


i've decided that since my lesion-infested brain obviously can't keep up with the chronological order of events, i'll just document the events and aforementioned husband can correct my errors.

somewhere, during our lives, we went on a double non-date with matt's roomie and his gf. to bennigan's. and to see "inside man" where i was completely entranced the whole time by jodie foster's calves.

and then...end of may...i leave for pine cove for 3 months.

without saying goodbye.

which is still a sore spot, mind you.

in my defense, i had a lot going on with my recent diagnosis and finishing my undergrad degree and preparing to be away from family and friends for the summer.

that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

matt and i did exchange a few letters and a phone call or two while i was away.

when i came back and school started again, i had another interest and he (to my surprise) also had another interest. so that love boat went ashore for a while.

my year of grad school at tech was most definitely the hardest and maybe the funnest...i didn't work, i skipped some classes, i lived with sweet alison and we'd dye each others hair and watch "friends" on dvd.

it was also the darkest time of my life...so far (JK!) i continued my habit of getting involved with guys i had no business spending time with and i felt like i didn't have matt anymore to be sort of my bright spot...

i'll save that for another post.

matt's fall quarter relationship fizzled (yay! i mean, sorry, babe) but he wasn't where he was with me before pine cove. i think life was in favor of him and his former flame and no longer in ours.

after about6 months of very sparse contact, we slowly slipped back into our pre-pine cove routine. in april of 2007, my dad and i drove all the way to tulsa to look at a car for me. i drove that bad boy home (her name is cherry darling and she is the most beautiful piece of machinery i've ever seen) and straight to ruston. and straight to matt's house.

we had our first kiss that night. it was timid yet bold at the same time. i'm sure my shock was palpable.

the next night, april 17, 2007, was our first official date as...*gulp...BOYFRIEND AND GIRLFRIEND. of course it wasn't official til it was on facebook.

cliff's notes version to get you up to the current:
- june 2: said "i love you" for the first time
-july 24: i move to new orleans for a job
-we do long distance for 5 months (gag me with a spoon)
-january 2008: matt moves to new orleans!
-valentine's day: matt proposes
- october 25, 2008: we tied that knot, fool!!!

and just fyi, no babies on the horizon. our dog is enough of a baby.


Monday, July 20, 2009


i've been meaning to continue with my meaningless saccharine drivel for the last few days, but life got in the way. and by life, i mean a juan's margarita, a cannoli from brocato's (go there or DIE!), and seeing dredg at house of blues where we were complimented but probably in a less than ideal way. anywho...

i left off on the stellar note of matt not liking me.

i was working in el dorado that summer (blow my brains out, man) and made a trip back to ruston one weekend after our initial meeting for a rousing game of dominoes. matt, myself, chris hall, my dear friend jeremy, and the washers were in attendance. i don't remember who won but i'm sure i had last place firmly locked.

and that's the night things got steamy...


i left on a family vacation to hawaii at the end of august and promised to bring matt some kona coffee. he in turn brought me some brazilian coffee. the goods were exchanged in the doorway of 901 cook street. i wasn't sure if he wanted to come in, so like a true moron, we held a very extended convo on the doorstep until leigh-ann shoved me out the door and closed it to keep the cool air in.

and that's when we shared...

our first coffee exchange.

luckily, katrina and rita had come through to ruin our lives for a while. that fall i got distracted by a couple of other boys, yet continued my constant, constant texting with matt.

january of 2006 i decide to take myself off the market with some other dude. and then 6 weeks later when i was diagnosed with MS, he never spoke to me again (he was a real gem).

however. matt knew the ultimate cure for MS. ben and jerry's.
which involved him picking me up in his 3000 GT that i loved more than any human baby. and then driving to super 1. where, in the freezer, sat a pint of dublin mudslide. the stuff dreams are made of.

it was shared at our kitchen table. and it was at this point that my roomie, misti, began giving me the "knowing look." you know...the sly smile that shows they know there's a love connection but you deny it til the earth looks flat (we're just friends!) because it's what society teaches us...

she may have been right...

i'll end this installment by sharing the night i cooked matt dinner. and i recently found out that before he came over for dinner, he gorged himself on oreos in case he didn't like it.

BUT! he did like it. and he drank all my chocolate almond milk...

Sunday, July 12, 2009


i have a sneaking suspicion that i'm being internet-stalked. i feel it...mostly in my right shoulder region

they came down this weekend to apartment hunt...yay for old friends moving to new orleans!

i still haven't uploaded the pics from coldplay off my camera yet...and in all honesty i probably won't.

i guess since it's summer time, i find myself thinking about this place a lot. so in honor of Summer 2006, here are some wrangler memories...

moneigh and i before a rodeo

last day (for the campers). this camper was from minden!

it was gansta/green day...or "gangrene" if you will

we got up before 5am everyday and this is what is does to some ppl...

buffalo hunt...or "let kids chase you around a huge pit of mud"

towers staff during orientation week

what a wonderful yet insanely difficult summer... it's been three years and i miss it so much.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i wanna play tooo!!!

yesterday i finished her love story (jaw-dropping) and today, i started reading her love story. and i read her love story today...gah you fools are twitterpated. :D

i've always hated to be left out. so even though today i had to drink my lunch cause i couldn't find a spoon, throw out the pork chops i was gonna cook for dinner cause they smelled like dead butt and i'm now on my second individual bag of special k crackers, i want to test my writing skills and see if i can turn a lame (read: nerdy) love story and into something steamy. well. not steamy. maybe...misty? give it some sort of condensation.

Ágætis byrjun
(which means "an all right start")

somehow, i come across the cyber-journaling site of xanga. i recall coming across my friend brandon's xanga, freakina, which was supposed to be like "freakin A" but he forgot the underscore so i always pronounced it like i would "christina." anyway, sadly his site is no more (may it r.i.p) but its legacy lives on for introducing me to the geekdom that would introduce me to my hursburand.

via this "xanga" as we called it, i came across this dude and ended up chatting on AIM (dear pete, could we get any lamer??? the answer is "yes"). after scuba class one night in the winter/spring of 2005, we all went to monjunis to partake in tasty comestibles. this dude (i'll just call him "the dude" cause it'll make hubs proud to see a big lebowski reference)... so the dude is at monjunis under mounds and mounds of hair. we're talking moptop, my friends. i think he's someone else. he texts me after he leaves asking what i'm doing ( i gave him my number?!?! me = desperate) and i tell him where i'm at. he's all like, "wiggity wha i just left there!" i'm all like "wiggity wha wha i thought that was you!" again still thinking he's someone else.

he invites me to go watch a movie at a friend's. at 3 am. i shower. don't dry my hair. don't put on make-up. don't have a hope of looking like an actual human person.

upon climbing in his truck (yeah he didn't even get out), i realize he's not who i thought i saw at monjunis. panic rises in my chest as i realize that i have gotten in a vehicle with an almost total stranger. whose hair was bigger than mine. i pressed on.

we watched "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" and i didn't fall asleep. the dude tells me to change majors before i get any dumber. i decide that maybe there won't be a second middle-of-the-night rendezvous.

the next day, i go to his xanga (shoot me now) to leave a comment. something snarky and wenchy i'm sure. and alas, what do i see? a comment from a boy...with the rosiest cheeks...and shiniest hair...he was my seth cohen. who, at the time, i was totally jonesing for.

so i comment on dream boy's xanga because that's what dignified women did in 2005. and what's more dignified than that? my comment said that i thought he "looked hot."

brazen, brazen hussy.

our xanga relationship ended when we were introduced to the magnanimous creation that is facebook. where thousands, hundreds, of messages were exchanged.

we finally met at the frothy monkey on june 18, 2005 after my friend heather's wedding. i was wearing one of leigh-ann's dresses. and her shoes. he was wearing a yellow t-shirt that said "venezula" on it and it will forever remain in my closet drawer.

he didn't like me.


love does not give up so easy...

more later...