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I live in Portland with my sexy beast of a husband, Matt, and our way-too-cute little dog, Ella. We like coffee, music, shows and listening to music at shows.

Monday, January 26, 2009

i started off more energetic than i should have considering my wretched weekend...

i left work with this nagging feeling that i should go back and tweak what i've been working on for 3 days...

i did not go back to work.

i found one decent excuse to cry without being judged.
and i'd barely count it as crying.

pub crawl, work, chang's and pineapple express, sleeping in, foooood, the duggar wedding and leaving with two bottles of wine.

if i don't write these things down, i'll forget. and i had so much fun at the pub crawl that i don't want to forget anytime soon.

you can only move as fast as
who's in front of you...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

i saw this quote on another blog and i like it. i will most likely read it and re-read it til i see some improvement.

“We're never so vulnerable than when we trust someone - but paradoxically, if we cannot trust, neither can we find love or joy” -Walter Anderson

and then i'll re-read it some more.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

i do my best thinking in the shower

so...i found myself trying to psychologically dissect a certain breed of person admist my pumpkin spice scented suds.

say there's this person that's quick point out when they've done something or that they have something, but never point out that someone else has done the same thing or has the same thing. make sense?

and THEN there's the person that hasn't done something or have something, but will unselfishly point out when someone else has.

i.e. "i don't have a corvette, but my brother does."
"i've never been to a mardi gras ball but my friend meghan has."
"i have been to france." although seven other ppl in the room have also been to france.

the first type i described annoys me. is it an inferiority complex that drives these people to look for any instance to bring up something they've done or have? how long does it take for other people to become as annoyed by this as i am? are they just deaf to the fact that they only talk about themselves and think their opinions are the only correct opinions?

i've decided that those type of people will stay at arms' length.

Friday, January 16, 2009

i was unchristian today

today, for the second time in my life, i totally went off on someone.

who was very deserving, mind you.

but still. i probably could've been a smidge classier about it, but i don't think it would've yielded the results i desired.

totally flipping out on people produces results.

considering how these last few months of been, i really don't need anything else to be angry about.

i love my husband.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

my 2008 soundtrack

*this will replace my dear xanga

this is a transition post.

i found my knight...erego my xanga is no longer appropriate.

almost lover – a fine frenzy

near to you – a fine frenzy

sorry – maria mena

the sound of white – missy higgins

9 crimes – damien rice

starving your friends – envy on the coast

the blues are still blue – belle & sebastian

ghosts – sleeping at last

rain city – turin brakes

another word for desperate – straylight run

empty space – air traffic

fuck was i – jenny owens young

sad eyes – bat for lashes

i go to the barn because i like the horses – band of horses

personal – stars

faberge falls for shuggie – of montreal

lexington (joey pea-pot with a monkey face) – chiodos

grey room – damien rice

don’t confess (this thing that breaks my heart) – tegan and sara

life’s disease – stutterfly

skeleton song – kate nash

where i stood – missy higgins

sunday best – augustana

the garden - mirah

detlef shrempf – band of horses

cigarettes wedding bands – band of horses

merry happy – kate nash

wait until i’m gone – the honorary title

i taught myself how to grow – ryan adams

labrinthian pomp – of montreal

pictures of success – rilo kiley

messy – men, women & children

if you’re wondering - eisley

hiding inside the horrible weather – my american heart

baby’s romance – chris garneau

this is my home – the new frontiers

the special two – missy higgins

dig – incubus

hoppipolla – sigur ros

my favourite book – stars

your song – kate walsh

paper planes – m.i.a.

fever dream - iron & wine

the lightening strike - snow patrol