Tuesday, February 4, 2014


The last few months have been a blur of sleep and vomit, so I figured I'd write down what few details I remember for future reference.  Although, it is definitely too soon to even think about doing this again.

I digress.

I really like to drink wine while cooking dinner.  So on a Sunday night in November (Nov 3rd maybe?) I'd been swigging some pinot grigio and decided it'd be fun to pee on a stick.  Because why not.  I actually put the test down somewhere (probably near food, knowing me) and continued my completely inappropriate text convo with Misti and Judith.  At some point, I remembered that darn test, picked it up and saw two lines staring at me.  I was NOT immediately excited because I had a belly full of wine and that can't be good for the zygote.  Matt was pretty indifferent about it and I don't blame him.  It's hard to believe a little plastic stick that you bought at Safeway.  I got on the Google (duh) and determined my due date is July 18. 

Life went on as normal for another week and a half.  The day I hit 5 weeks, I started feeling like complete and utter shit.  There's no other way to say it.  It was awful, second only to an MS relapse.  So I effectively ruined our Thanksgiving trip to Seattle by 1) not wanting to leave our hotel room, and 2) barfing all the way down 6th Street.  So, so miserable.  Sorry, Matt.

I finally told my co-worker at 8 weeks because I desperately needed to complain to someone.  Plus, I think I was looking kind of suspicious by running to the bathroom 2938472392233 times a day. 

I flew to Dallas at 10 weeks and it wasn't bad.  Christmas was good.  Telling family was good.  Flying home was pretty sucky only because it's a freakin' long flight and Matt and I got split up on the plane.  THANKS, OBAMA.

January wasn't too awful.  Heard the heartbeat and had an ultrasound so it was nice to know there's actually something in there and I'm not shouting groceries for nothing.

Now that the nausea is fading, I just want to eat.  I love Golden Grahams.  I love oranges and orange juice and banana peppers (not altogether). Subway clubs are so delicious I could cry. 

We don't find out the gender until Feb 26th (Dayton or Sandrine?)  so I'm just biding my time until I know whether to buy pink or blue stuff. 

Thanks to Zofran and our Temperpedic mattress, things are going well.  I can't hide the fat anymore. My ribs hurt a lot.  But, seriously, everything has gone so well that I'm kind of in disbelief. 

It'll be fun when UPS drops off a baby for me in July.  That's how they get here, right?