Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Soundtrack

as promised (because i KNOW you all care), my 2009 soundtrack. in random order.

delta bay - empire of the sun
ambulance - eisley
the valley - eisley
ghost - little boots
18th floor balcony - blue october
if you're wondering - eisley
fever dream - iron and wine
decode - paramore
sorrow - flyleaf
help i'm alive - metric
pariah - dredg
quotes - dredg
mk ultra - muse
keep the car running - arcade fire
crown of love - arcade fire
wake up - arcade fire
no cars go - arcade fire
rebellion (lies) - arcade fire
laughing with - regina spektor
chasm - flyleaf
left and leaving - the weakerthans
all i wanted - paramore
r&r - the classic crime
supernatural - flyleaf
i can feel a hot one - manchester orchestra
bruises - chairlift
melt my heart to stone - adele
alone - heart
the limit to your love - fiest
we own the sky - m83
skin of the night - m83
you've got the love - florence and the machine
your song - kate walsh
spiraling - keane
i want you - kings of leon
meddle - little boots
collect call - metric
glasgow mega snake - mogwai
do what i do - noah and the whale
hold my hand as i'm lowered - noah and the whale
armistice - phoenix
the lightening strike - snow patrol
casmir pulaski day - sufjan stevens
dlz - tv on the radio
dancing choose - tv on the radio
ships - umbrellas
heads will roll - yeah yeah yeahs
so i thought - flyleaf
circle - flyleaf
swept away - flyleaf
arise - flyleaf
marry song - band of horses

good albums came out this year. new arcade fire and eisley in 2010!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


i was waiting til the very end of the year to finish posting my events of the decade.

i think you could say we are now at the very end.



-spent new year's on st charles
-lost my temper on a co-worker. who deserved it.
-saw flyleaf
-did boudoir pics
-saw coldplay
-and dredg
-and eisley
-had my first wedding anniversary
-became an aunt
-became obsessed with brocato's cannolis
-and sucre'
-found a church i love
-got a tattoo
-watched tons of "friends"
-and "the office"
-and "dexter"
-watched the SAINTS kick some rump de dump dump
-and then break our hearts into a million pieces
-watched flood waters rise around my car
-continued to enjoy the amazing food of new orleans

tomorrow i'll post my 2009 soundtrack...i know you're salivating.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

fleece navy dah

i'm fighting off the post-holiday blues as best i can. tree still lit. santa pj pants still on. coffee in my snowman mug. i will NOT let christmas die yet.

we flew to dallas wednesday morning. ella was a complete angel the whole time. it was her first flight and first hotel stay and she was peeerrrrfect.

her daddy held her for a while in the hotel room

and then she went to sleep.

wednesday, when the weather was great, i wore my sweater and boots. thursday when it started snowing like a cow farting styrofoam, i had on flats and no socks. major suckage. but. we had a white christmas!

we went to wal-mart and the liquor store in this blizzard. it was way cool. by we, i mean my parents, myself and my bro, jarret. we sang "let it snow" because we felt like we were giving the snow permission to fall.

ella loved the snow. i have no pics (i suckkkk) but she zoomed through the drifts and made lots of yellow snow.

clint's christmas lights glowed under the snow. it snowed so hard for a long time. i loved it with every part of my body.

a summary of christmas 2009:
- ella was airborn
-el fenix and circle grill
-a $79/night hotel suite with two flatscreens, marble bathroom and king size bed that went on for days
-starbucks caramel apple spice...i tried it for the first time and LOVED it
-we went to starbucks a lot
-stockings hung by the chimney with care
-5 pieces of le creuset
-a Wusthof knife that'll cut your face off
-a sweet maltese that i wanted to take home with me!
-playing sudoku on the plane
-meeting a nice stranger at baggage claim

i was so glad to be in my bed last night. i slept til 10:15 without cracking an eye.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

2006 to 2008

it was the best of was the worst of times


-woke up new year's day on the shore of lake degray. poet didn't know it.
-went "urban camping" on the playground of hillcrest elementary
-because i'd just watched "the exorcism of emily rose" and was too scared to stay home alone
-saw mute math and vedera in dallas
-was diagnosed with MS
-and then got dumped because of it
-cruised grand caymen, jamaica and cozumel
-moved out of 901 cook street
-worked at pine cove for the summer teaching kids to ride horses
-moved into apt 5 with al
-suffered through grad school
-got a big girl job for the coming year
-danced my butt off every time tyler read played at rabb's
-enjoyed late nights out on our little stoop
-got used
-walked to a rope swing a few blocks from our apt
-dyed my hair


-got scared
-got a rook piercing
-picked up a crying girl on the streets of deep ellum and took her home. she educated us on the dangers of shroom tea.
-began dating matt
-got a new precious rx8
-saw clap your hands say yeah and vedera
-got ella. my pride and joy.
-dyed my hair
-saw shiny toy guns
-completed my master's
-moved to new orleans. it was meant to be.
-lived alone.
-drove 5 hours every other weekend to see my boo.
-saw tegan and sara


-got engaged
-relapsed. big time.
-worked on the same client by myself for 5 months.
-had the stomach virus for the second time ever
-temporarily stopped biting my nails
-got married
-honeymooned in napa valley and san francisco
-it was perfect
-dyed my hair again
-fell down a flight of stairs
-had part of my big toenail cut out
-ended it for good. and ended it for good.
-saw jack's mannequin, snow patrol and death cab
-enjoyed the amazing food of new orleans
-and beer
-and wine

and to commemorate the above events

group pic on the cruise ship

and dancing on the ship...this pic is so full of win

trough diving at pine cove

one of my favorite pics of all time...totally unflattering of everyone

in the parking lot of tat2u after getting new piercings...although you can't really see mine

at juanita's in little rock...saw shiny toy guns for our 1 month anniversary

christmas in apt 5 included mistletoe

apt 5 during finals week

baby ella

after our first official date

random hot air balloon in napa valley

a lot of life-changing events during those years...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2003-2005...the odd years

these posts literally write themselves.

no really. i have it all in a word document and i just copy and paste it as i go along.

for this series anyway.

we left off with the heart-stopping beginning of...2003.

2003 involved:

-making 4.0s
-working on campus
-playing pool in the "kennel"
-watching star search
-eating a lot of bacon cheeseburger hamburger helper
-thinking i'd die
-spending a night at "the hill"
-getting locked in the bcm til 3am
-having dates for twirp week
-starting a relationship just in time to move home for the summer
-working at brookshire's and i loved it. the ppl i met there will forever hold a piece of my heart.
-moving apartments cause mine got robbed.
-having a (unwelcome) third roommate
-starting an accounting internship
-having sooo much fun at the hoe down
-skiing in coloradooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


-danced with some strangers in hot springs
-moved into an actual house. with a fireplace and everything.
-watched a best friend get married
-made a sponteous trip to baton rouge/new orleans (i'm seeing a pattern)
-had a christmas party in july
-turned 21 which included: daiquiris, sister hazel and a party at the ranch house


-became a certified scuba diver
-pierced my belly button
-got a summer internship at murphy oil
-my mom set me up with a 28 year old
- i met my husband
-and sold him a ticket to see mae, mute math and circa survive in shreveport
-moved into the 901 cook street house. which ties with apt 5 for my favorrrriiiiiite residence during college.
-went to hawaii just as katrina hit
-played football during rita
-and got the flu because of it
-had life-alterating conversations with misti
-saw the lights in nachiteousaksdjfaskjd
-used the "i don't want a relationship right now" line
-had a really great first date
-those two things might be unrelated

i absolutely love my dog. she is wonderfully odd.

and you... because of you, i will be 1200 pounds by new years. and i couldn't care less.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

through the decade: 2000-2002

i decided that since 2009 is almost over, i should dig out my scrapbooks and reminisce about what has transpired during the last 10 years.

the first few years are a little sparse mainly because 1) it was a long time ago and 2) i have a disease that inhibits my ability to recall information.

so here we go.


in the year 2000, i...

-finished my last year as a JCHS Dragon
-got my first car: a 97 pontiac grand am. i loved it.
-started a new school. a private school.
-began my affinity for dating tall guys
-saw creed live. i'm so ashamed.


-was junior maid on sweetheart court
-skied in coloradoooooooooo for spring break!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-wore a hot pink, fully beaded, backless dress to my jr prom
-where the dance was at a skating rink
-and my mom had to take me home
-my hair was down to the middle of my back
-got voted homecoming queen
-turned 18
-watched with rest of my senior class as the second plane crashed into the wtc...


-cheerleading squad won 1st place at regionals
-went on a mission to trip to new future home, little did i know
-did my own hair for prom
-cruised to playa del carmen and cozumel
-graduated high school
-started college at the prestigous la tech
-hated it
-went home a lot
-because i lived with my bro's girlfriend
-made my first B eveeerrrr
-saw aerosmith and stone temple pilots for my 19th birthday
-listened to the soundtrack to "a walk to remember" constantly
-had dial-up internet. and a landline. i guess they went hand in hand.

the decade got progressively better once i got to college...

Monday, December 7, 2009

dude, we are sooo gonna party

it's rainy. and humid.

*shakes fist at new orleans

the saints should've won by more than 3. i'm a terrible fan and intermittently took my sunday nap during the 3rd quarter. did i use "intermittently" right? i don't care.

i made puppy chow. chicken pot pie. and french onion soup. nothing new.

but what IS my oval 5qt le creuset! i think i'll name it. maybe sandy. or sven. octavius.

i realize my posts never have a clear direction. i'm slowly accepting that.

continuing with the random is matt. with a cop. in popeye's...?

don't drop the soap, babe...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

i have to spread the word

i know i've mentioned them on multiple occasions and i probably sound like a complete emo tween but just hear me out.

i simply adore flyleaf. i know, i know. matt's rolling his eyes right now. and that's fine. but they combine hard, grungy rock with straight up worship and it's like a little piece of heaven for me. i absolutely love it. the lyrics come straight from scripture and it's like "i can only imagine" except with a lot of bass, a lot of drums, a lot of riffs and a tiny girl wailing like none other.

it's me in band-form.

i basically just want to encourage you that if you are inclined at all towards the heavier hardcore rock genre, give them a listen. they have tons of videos on youtube...their newest single is called "again" off "memento mori" which i believe means "remember you will die."

which i believe is spanish for a whale's va...

anyway...enough PR.

i found this picture on my mom's camera. it's my dad in a suite in cowboy stadium...??? random. so very random.