Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mistletoe and holly...

I didn't use any mistletoe or holly in my holiday decorations. The title is a lie. *Shame.

I call this year's Christmas decor "Desperation and Apathy."  I'd planned to do a lot more, but got sidelined. NEXT YEAR.

 Christmas mouse in the window.  I've since turned it so that it's looking outside.  Less creepy that way.

We finally have stockings!  Only been together 5 years and we finally have stockings to hang with care.

 I have a slight obsession with snowman.

And a slight obsession with putting ornaments in jars.

 And a more than slight obsession with this critter.

I didn't make that bow.  :(

I think I'm bordering on too many ornaments.  Good problem to have.

There's a lot more pics on the Instagram.  @sommereverett
That's where I post all the embarrassing stuff.  And by "embarrassing" I mean "embarrassing for Ella cause 99% of the pictures are of her."

Feliz Navidad!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Frosted window panes...

So I've been M.I.A. for a while.  Thanks to this cursed disease. 
Here's the Cliff's notes version of the last 3.5 months:

- Woke up September 1 and couldn't use my left arm or leg.  Hobbling ensues.

- Labor Day: Finally go to urgent care and (bless them!) they scrounged up IV steriods for me.

- 3 days of steroids. Still hobbling.  And also unable to eat or sleep.  Purchase a 6 pack of Ensure and a cane.

- Sob hysterically due to hunger and exhaustion.  Fall out of bed during the night and can't get back in.

- Get prescription for Ambien.  That shit does not work.

- Start taking Ambien with a glass of wine.  That shit does work.

- Sept 13: Return to work for half days.  Start pounding muscle relaxers.

- October: Muscle relaxers start causing insomnia.  Ambien and wine no longer effective.

- Have a panic attack at work due to muscle spasms and exhaustion.  Boss holds me and strokes my hair until I calm down.  Decide I have an awesome boss.

- Go to weekly physical therapy sessions to learn to walk again.

- Start a new drug that involves one monthly IV infusion instead of daily shots.

- Decide new drug is awesome

- Manage to go to a nice anniversary dinner.

- Say "eff it" to the muscle relaxers.  No negative effects noted.

- Lose a lot of Fantasy Football games.

- A Thanksgiving with just me, Matt, two big steaks and a bottle of whiskey.

- A week in north Louisiana and Dallas with family.  Feeling good enough to slide at the park with my niece.

- Today, I'm feeling better than I have in a long, long time. 

It's good to be back.