Tuesday, June 12, 2012

out of steam

i would like to be able to say that i've been absent from blogland due to excessive unpacking/nesting.  sadly, i officially ran out of steam this past saturday.  i painted our half bath and then had two dark and stormys (dark rum + ginger beer) at dinner with matthew everett saturday night and then...the apathy set in.  

this is what our house looked like two days after we moved in.  i will say it looks 1000% better now...and we have a couch.

 master closet...aka proof that God loves me

 i got a garment rack for all teh vintage i've aquired...it was definitely just $20 and it shows in the way it constantly leans to the left.
this was the sky on our way to sign all the papers on our hizzouse.  seriously, ppl who diss on portland weather need to be jacked in the face.