Sunday, March 6, 2011

things in my head...

...besides brain lesions.

there's a flurry of thoughts swirling around my wee mind and i need to get them out.

- muses thursday night = fun supreme. i didn't get a shoe but i did get a lunch box. and i got kissed by a rolling elvi.

- i just bought water for elephants, on the road, and me talk pretty one day. i hope reading them is as much fun as purchasing them off of amazon.

- i baked this weekend. banana bread and strawberry muffins. there's only two of us that live here. carb supreme.

- the new eisley album is growing on me. it's hard for me to accept change.

- speaking of which, we have a system conversion going live on friday and that will undoubtedly be the worst time of my life. so terrible it requires a sublist of its terriblicity:
*i'll be working til 10pm or later friday night.
*only to be back at 9am SATURDAY morning for the whole day
*matt flies to wisconsin for a week at 6am sunday
*daylight savings time begins. as in spring FORWARD. to certain death.

- needless to say, i'm not too excited.

- and cpa scores are released on st patty's day. my irishness better not fail me or there'll be another potato famine.

- i got a haircut i actually like. i previously looked like a hammerhead shark.

- i had 4 muffins and a piece of chicken fried steak for dinner. at 10pm.

i feel better now.