Tuesday, October 19, 2010

your new poodle could be your noodle

my mom sent me a really sweet email chronicling the day of my birth. i think i'll post it sometime.

in other news, cherry is long gone. she has been replaced by a red corolla named rosie. i miss cherry. but rosie is very comfortable. and practical. ewwwww. practical.

i meant to post this a while back but i get easily distracted (i.e. lazy). my parents are leaving the bustling metropolis of junction city for the quiet solitude of dallas. what...? do i have that backwards?

my dad started a new job a few weeks ago and mom is staying behind to sell the house. of my childhood. complete with our hand prints in the driveway from the day it was poured. and our playhouse in the backyard. the hall closet where i slept as a baby (i forget why). the chimney that santa could never fit down. the lazy susan that always got stuck on some random appliance accessory. the dining room that we were never allowed in cause the carpet was pristine (and peach. and still is). the bedroom window that i could never sneak in/out of. so i never tried.

the indoor planter that was originally supposed to be a hot tub. but instead used to be turned into a winter wonderland at christmas. with a motorized angel of some sort. and big styrofoam lollipops. and different color spotlights. willy wonka comes to mind.

sorry jan.

i don't really want someone else to live in my house.

i've had two toenails get ripped off in the last two days. that's an average of one a day.

i can haz math.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

another story

i have not enjoyed this week.

i'd like to apologize in advance to my dear, sweet office buddy, melissa, who has heard this story in detail multiple times over the last few days.

so on my lunch hour wednesday, i decide to drive around and look at some houses that are for sale. i'm on my way to the third house which is further out that the other two. i'm at a stoplight on a busy four-lane road when my sweet cherry darlin dies on me. no warning. no sputtering. no lurching. just dies. traffic light turns green and suddenly i'm THAT person. apparently the fact that my hazards are on doesn't tip anyone off and they continue to honk at my helpless ass as i sit there contemplating what good calling matt would do.

luckily, the guy beside me in traffic pulls over and pushes me onto a side street. he happens to be a mechanic! :D:D:D found out that cherry has a rotary engine and he wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. :(:(:(

after about an hour, cherry magically cranks. assuming she had overheated, i just left her there to continue cooling and matt dropped me back at work.

we take cherry to the dealership on thursday because no one else will fondle her rotary. that afternoon, i'm in the process of reading an email from a realtor when homedude from mazda calls me. and says, "i hope you're sitting down." no, my job is as a professional stander. i'm a statue.

so dude says my fuel pump needs replacing first of all so we're looking at at least $2000. yeah, there's 3 zeros on that. i choke on my own vomit and tell him i'll just have to talk to him later.

and then i cry because that means no house.

matt's like "aw, hell naw" when homedude tells him the news and says we'll pick cherry up and take her home cause we can't afford that right now.

we go to pick her up and those dirty hamsters left my glovebox sitting in the floorboard. with papers strewn about. i was DISPLEASED.

we took it to a new place and they are sooooo nice there. i promised to make them all brownies if they could get my cherry darlin back in tip top shape.

so that was my wednesday-friday. now i get to study for the $#@@#@ cpa exam which i take on monday.

at least it's october.