Monday, May 24, 2010

she was my favorite character on "DooL"

i washed my car today. for probably the second time since i've lived here. i forgot she is red.


i don't typically watch "the bachelore/tte" but i was painfully bored this evening so i tuned in. what a bunch of morons. i mean really. poor alli.

today, my diet consisted of two meals of lucky charms and one of cinnamon toast. i'll wake up starving, i'm sure. and then not be able to go back to sleep. and thus get up early. and go back to sleep after i eat.

when i have a job again, i'm gonna need a sitter for ella. because she is now even more co-dependent since i've been home with her all day.

banksy is a famous guerrilla graffiti artist that has some work around new orleans. i've decided that my next tattoo will be one that commemorates our time here. so my favorite banksy picture (below) will serve as my third tattoo.

next week = june. almost makes me want to eat a gun.

Friday, May 14, 2010

maybe too much?

i've lost my will to blog. it's a complicated process. i don't blog unless i have something specific to say. and my desire to sit down and blog has to correspond with having something to blog. so despite the pointless drivel that comes from my fingertips, it's actually very thought out.

maybe i shouldn't have admitted that.

so my older brother is officially a doctor. my oldest brother has been a doctor for 8 years. i have no job. *destroys self-esteem. even though my parents swear a CPA is just as prestigious. i am not 100% sure i believe them.

my family was in for most of the week. i realized that even around my family, i feel alone if matt's not there. co-dependent much? i really can't stand to be away from him.

my mom gave ella a haircut today while i was at an interview. luckily, i had a chicken biscuit to distract me and i didn't see the full extent of the damage til i'd sucked it down my gullet.

and she looks really cute. like a teddy bear.

and our dining room table has been summerfied. not sommerfied cause i have zero decorating sense. but some gerbera daisies and new placemats spruced it up.

my parents left a huge, huge jug of captain morgan on our kitchen counter. i am ever so grateful.