Tuesday, November 30, 2010

my best of 2010

this will be my first annual "best albums of 2010" post. i always do a soundtrack of the year, but soooo many good albums came out this year that i must elaborate on them.

no particular number in no particular order.

"gorilla manor" - local natives
great harmonies and their drummer is not human. they were at tulane not long ago.
what has two thumbs and missed it? this guy.
standout tracks: "sun hands" "airplanes" "who knows who cares"

"the suburbs" - arcade fire
it's no "funeral" but i tend to not like later albums much as older stuff. win butler's hair
is inexplicable.
standout tracks: "rococo" "sprawl II (mountains beyond mountains" "we used to wait"

"brothers" - the black keys
love love love love love this album. i feel like a badass when i listen to it. funky, bluesy,
standout tracks: "sinister kid" "ten cent pistol"

"sigh no more" - mumford and sons
i know i won't be alone on this. everyone is obsessed with this album. folky, bluegrass
rock that makes for easy listening.
standout tracks: "the cave" "after the storm" "awake my soul"

"winter of mixed drinks" - frightend rabbit
there are no words. it's not as perfect as their previous album (midnight organ fight)
but that subtle scottish accent, lyrics that portray masculine vulnerability, and a live
show rivaled only by coldplay, i can NOT get enough of these guys.
standout tracks: "things" "foot shooter" and i DARE you not to tear up at "fun stuff"

i also found myself listening to several albums that were released prior to 2010, but i just now decided to try out.

"manners" - passion pit
perfect for getting my work day going. can barely understand a word they say.

"hands" - little boots
poppy with just the right about of indie weirdness.

"midnight organ fight" - frightened rabbit
perfectly perfect perfection.

"la la land" - plants and animals
saw them open for frightened rabbit and their quirkiness won my heart.

"forgiveness rock record" - broken social scene
because i love stars. the band and the balls of burning gas in the sky.


i'm sure you'll all be on pins and needles about my forthcoming soundtrack of 2010! and by all, i mean none.

areba. dare. chee.