Tuesday, August 9, 2011

casa de everett (picture-heavy)

matt and i have lived in our current house for about 4 months and i realize i've never really posted any pics of it. mainly because it is still quite sparse. we went from 900 sq ft to 1500 sq ft and definitely not enough furniture to fill it up. i'm also only showing pics of the rooms that i don't mind people seeing. and a couple of DIY doo-hickies at the end.

first off, this is the episode of the office that was on while i was taking pictures (we have a tv in our bedroom...our marriage is doomed). can you guess which episode it is, misti dawn harrington walker?? ("i call this...'the bumper test'")

you may recognize that magic eye looking canvas from this post. it has been replaced and now sits on top of the bookshelf in the guest room. please do not closely inspect said bookshelf...it was a PITA to put together. three things of note: the terrifying pic of ella on the top shelf, my tech bulldog and my "serve it up" award from pine cove on the bottom shelf.

this is to show how bare the guest room is. my mom did the painting on the wall. her wall art is much better than mine. and all my winter shoes are in that closet.

we do have an actual bed in the guest room. the mismatched bedding looks bizarre, i realize. and i actually think my avocado chair looks good with the teal curtain. you'll notice i don't hang two curtain panels on any window. it's a quirk. DEAL WITH IT.

this is ella biscuit wanting me to open the blinds so she can watch the neighborhood cats nap on our front porch. i didn't oblige. suck it, pal.

one view of the living room. please note: the 70s loveseat inherited from my parents, the one curtain panel and the tissue paper flower on the coffee table. i fit no style mold.

ella laying by her favorite pillow. i made the cover out of 2 napkins from world market.

the couch where my butt expands from east to west. and ella naps all the live long day. jan also did that painting above the couch. she made it manly for matt.

this floor lamp was a nice garish brass color so i first tried painting it krylon's "tuscan sunset." totally came out titty pink. so it got repainted in jade. much better.

another sommer original. just give me some painter's tape and some neon acrylics.

matt doesn't like the pink so i've made its home in my bathroom. because in 3 years of marriage, we've yet to actually share a bathroom.

there's two other bedrooms, two bathrooms, a laundry room, a foyer and two porches that i didn't include. maybe one day.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

a (blog) break from DIY

i've still been DIY-ing my little rump off, but i decided a spontaneous non-DIY post was in order. because this is important.

2011 is over half-way done. we're on the downhill slope to fall and pumpkins and soup and cardigans and spiced cider. and while 2010 proved to be a great year in terms of music, this year has been, shall we say, underwhelming.

but two little jewels have occupied all my ipod time this year.

first off is lykke li (pronounced like "licky lee"). she has phoebe's "sexy phlegm" going on and while her newest album wounded rhymes initially started my infatuation, her older album, youth novel, is equally enchanting. she does sing a song about prostitution called "get some," so i wouldn't necessarily recommend her for your 8 year old iCarly-tee-shirt-wearing prepubescent.

Then there's Cults. yes, they have a penchant for long hair. and yes their name is "Cults." but look at that doll-faced little piece up there. with a sugary sweet voice to match AND her name is madeleine ("lighter than air") which is only one of the most preciousiestestest names ever. their songs will forever remind me of summer. and not just because it's summer. and i'm listening to them. they are in the lead for my prestigious "band of the year" for 2011. i've never done a band of the year, but it's still prestigious.

i would say pandora these fools, but i'm way past pandora and have been building my life around spotify. get.your.spotify.on. listen to pretty much any song for free. FO FREE. that's my favorite price.

p.s. i quit biting my fingernails about a month ago and it's hard learning to retype with these raptor talons!