Sunday, March 28, 2010

i don't like having to think of a title

so that's my title.

so i follow a lot of blogs. a vast array of blogs.

we have the fashion blogs (that i think i tagged in a previous post) that leave me scratching my head as to how they afford to buy so many clothes. i used to buy maybe one shirt a month. one forever 21 shirt a month. these girls are loading up on rachel roy, dvf, chanel and louboutins. i'm not jealous per-se. just curious. i'd like to see their finances.

i'm a nerd.

then we have this woman. psycho to the max. a family of 5 living in a 445 sq foot apartment with a $1000 monthly income. she has some...interesting...ideas. she has recently stopped posting because she got berated daily for starving her children and keeping them in a room full of booby traps. and speaking of booby, she wants to breastfeed her children til they are 3 years old??? i don't need my nips knocking on my kneecaps, and i thank you.

she also feeds them sprouted rice. sprouted. rice. i don't even use a garlic clove if it has a sprout. she makes her own ketchup. handwashes clothes in the shower. uses lemon slices as deodorant. it's absolutely fascinating.

she's a fundie. enough said, i guess.

and you can judge me all you want for the following statement, but as someone who has been denied health insurance because of a pre-existing condition, i'm not all up-in-arms about the healthcare bill like 90% of my facebook friends.

and getting 1,000,000 to join a group to repeal it won't do a thing. facebook has a lot of magical powers, but i don't really think congress is going to take a social networking site that seriously.

i made this tonight with homemade mashed potatoes (i may or may not have used a stick of butter, cream cheese and heavy cream in said potatoes).

i guess i had more to say than i thought.

i'm obsessed with raspberry smirnoff and sprite.

Monday, March 22, 2010

back in my fleece pajamas...

i've actually been in my pajamas all day. it was a mopey day.

my brother got married saturday. i danced my arse off. probably the most fun i've had at a wedding that wasn't in october. of 2008.

and i got to hold my tiny niece all weekend.

we are cat-sitting while my bro and new sis are honeymooning. ella is a terrible hostess. but matt and i did spend a couple of hours today on the couch with a sleeping dog and sleeping cat. purring cat. biscuit-making cat.

our upstairs neighbors now have a surround sound system. it is dreadful.

like any responsible unemployed citizen, tomorrow i think i'll go buy some liquor.

i cannot get caught up on sleep. i was asleep before my parents even left yesterday afternoon. i basically slept til 1pm today, except for the short window of time i was awake to eat a chicken biscuit and watch an episode of "the wire." it's been a pajamas + blanket+ couch+ no makeup + apple pie for lunch kind of day.

i'll go ahead and admit i'm completely apathetic about politics. matt keeps me informed on what's going on, but it's all just a big headache to me. i'm a terrible citizen.

but my toenails are essie's "lilacism" and that is pretty much all i need to be cool.