Friday, April 30, 2010

Twas quite the party

this was one of my favorite pictures from my bro's wedding last month. there may have been a wee bit o' celebration.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

love and marriage

go together like a horse and carriage...

it's wedding season (who are we kidding...every season is wedding season) and i've managed to make an astute observation or two. but probably just one.

no wait. i hate taylor swift. there. that makes two.

anyway, i always found it really irritating during engagement when people would offer me unsolicited advice about marriage. how things were gonna change and "oh you're gonna love married life!" uh...well why else would people do it? definitely not for the tax breaks. you have kids for that.

so it would really annoy the piss out of me when people would do that. so i don't do that. i ask about wedding plans (while carefully avoiding the phrase "well, what i did was...") and ask what the plan is post-wedding. but i offer no musings on newlywed life.

the other part of that is something i've just noticed. like 6 minutes ago. it basically cracks me up which is the opposite of annoying the piss out of me. i like it when newlynewlyweds (we're talking less than 2 months of marriage) offer marriage advice. especially when they talk about how hard it is. am i missing something? matt and i have not had a hard time at all. we have argued about sauce at chic fil a. it was pretty serious. and he did tell me i had fat butt disease. but that's pretty much it.

we are strange in that we tend to calmly and rationally discuss issues. unless i'm pms-ing super hard and then i yell. but i feel bad later. we don't fight about money. i don't feel neglected. we have our similar interests (movies, the office, beer, food, tattoos). we spend time together but not all our time together. we have the same (apathetic) political views.

i could go on but i can feel the carpal tunnel flaring. plus i seriously doubt anyone has read down this far anyway.

my sexy man candy has a birthday on sunday. doesn't look a day over 14.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

and soon...

i have an infinitely long mental list of things i'm gonna do when i have a job again. it grows every day.

- buy pumpkin pancake mix
- and new dirt pans for the stove
- stop watching river monsters
- go to starbucks
- treat my car to a tank of premium
- find a concert to go to
- join city bark so ella won't be so socially maladjusted
- buy wine that's more than $6
- go to the dentist (does cobra cover than? mental note...)
(i'm watching people shoot up on "addicted" and it's grossing me out. OUT.)


i had another snoball at hansen's today. half cream of coconut and half spearmint. the only thing i've had that compares is shave ice in hawaii. sorry, little red trailer snowcone stand in ruston.

on beautiful days where it's sunny but still cool and i'm sitting outside with friends eating snoballs deep, deep in new orleans, i'm reminded how much i love it here. i love saying i live in new orleans.

sometimes i feel like i'm in the minority on that.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

a story

if you recall this post, i showed a certain picture that i wanted to one day have on or around my body.

it is now on the back of my right shoulder. looking all cool and stuff. and sore as a mutha.

i realize it's a bit sinister...maybe even morbid. but i have a reason for it.

grad school was a pretty low time for me. i was so lonely. none of my friends stayed after graduation. i had my sweet roommate, but it was still a struggle for me.

i was sad. and i couldn't get not sad. it was like quicksand. i wanted to die and thought about it several times. i called my mom in the middle of the night one time and told her i was scared to go to sleep cause i didn't think i would wake up. i was pretty robotic. it was like i was watching myself from outside my body...trudging to class, trying to not fail my classes, befriending many of the wrong wrong kind of people.

i came across that picture somewhere. and it just made me feel better. made me think of heaven. where i wouldn't hurt anymore.

luckily, matt, ella and new orleans revived me from my stupor. but i still looked at this picture all the time. then and now, it reminds that no matter what happens here, i have a much better place waiting for me. where no sadness or pain or depression or guilt or hopelessness exists. it reminds me that i should put myself out there because even if it turns out badly, i have something much bigger waiting. i get so much peace and comfort from that.

i apologize for the somber tone. i truly believe that tattoos should be something that really means something special to you and gives you encouragement and hope.

there's some insight into the non-sarcastic, non-random me.

on the plus side, my tummy is full of p.f. chang's and gelato. and pg tips.

that is beautiful and doesn't hurt.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

oh good grief

the strawberry patch candle from bath and body works makes my mouth water. i want to eat the air.

this weekend we watched the hurt locker, district 9 and brothers.

the hurt locker was entertaining but didn't live up to the hype. district 9 was the weirdest movie i've ever seen, including charlie and the chocolate factory. brothers tore me up inside.

i decided to do some weight lifting yesterday evening and today my arms are throbbing. THER.OB.CHANDLER.BING.

this could possibly be the last week i'm unemployed.
i hope i didn't just jinx it.
i have three tattoos planned out in my mind. if i get this job, i shall celebrate by getting one.
cause you know, i'm a badass.

i actually said "badass" at church today. because my church is awesome. and they don't care. the sermon today was on sex and i blushed at least twice. i'm 26 years old, for pete's sake.

as an accountant, i offer my condolences as accounting firms scramble to get tax returns done this week. i'll be piddling the days away in my pajamas.

that is both awesome and pathetic.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

what's in a name?

matt and i enjoy a ridiculous name. we've come across many. playville, pe'andre, micole...just to name a few.

we discuss our future kids' names fairly often. and matt vetoes all of my suggestions. so far i think we've agreed on nora or katherine for a girl and jack or max for a boy. jack is growing on me, i guess.

i have no intention of stepping on toes with my name preferences. i'm just voicing a point a view. that's my disclaimer.

we are not fans of spelling a somewhat normal name a ridiculous way, just to be different. heathyr, jaxxon, aaiyden, tailyr, etc...

we also are not fans of pretentious names...where do i start: ryker, karsten, roxton, eastin, seamus (!?!?), seraphina, phinneaus, allesandra, etc.

lastly, we are not fans of naming your kid after a place, object or action: river, ryder, georgia, asia, derby, talon, trooper, olive, pace, holiday, gage, forrest, and lexus.

the following is my list of names. 99% have been vetoed by matt. but i don't care.





i guess having an odd and oddly spelled name has given me a preoccupation with what people are naming their kids these days.

p.s. so glad someone picked "eleanor rigby" to sing on AI tonight.