Saturday, September 3, 2011


i always intend to blog more. i just never do.

so here's what i've been up to in DIY Land:

this is the box valance i made for our big living room window. using foam board, of all things.

i had to buy a staple gun and scared myself to death using it. i'm not so good with guns.

hubby bought me a sewing machine! it's for my birthday. which is in october. c'est la vie. got that "telephone desk" at a thrift store.

obligatory ella picture. this is how the doofus sleeps.

my first sewing project! well the green one anyways. the other one was the first pillow i ever made and i used stitch witchery. it'll probably get redone.

i sewed the first two here. the orange in the back is another victim of my stitch witchery. also, i'm addicted to buying fabric off of ebay. actually, the yellow one was a remnant from joann's. i get social anxiety when i have to go to the fabric cutting lady at fabric stores so i just use the remnants. it's gonna be the next big trend in sewing.

all my happy throw pillows in all of the their non-matching glory.

this was a no-sew pillow cover. just knotted the fabric in the middle. i think it'd look better with a solid colored fabric but that's boring.

i was trying to get a better view of the knot. the busy-ness of this pattern (called "vintage people"...presh) really camouflaged my expertly tied boy scout knot.

in other news, tropical storm lee is here this weekend. it has beat my poor impatiens bloomless and woke me up several times with its howling winds.

also, i cut my hair into an angled bob. it's cute as a button. next time, purple streaks.

mid-life crisis?