Monday, January 23, 2012

i need cheering up

i have a case of the moonsdays.

we put an offer on (another) short sale as soon as we moved here. we were hoping to hear from the bank this week, which we did. they accepted our offer. but i forgot there's two lenders that have to approve. and the second lender could take another 30 days. and then a 45 day closing. this house is right down from the first house we put an offer on (and lost) and looks exactly the same, except it's about 200 sq ft smaller. i have a stack of paint swatches on the counter. ready to get this show in the road.

also...i have 3 headhunters but no job. funny how i'm great at attracting headhunters but not employers. *pity party alert* so i sit here alone all day in an apartment full of boxes. and while this apartment is definitely livable, i'm quite certain methuselah was the first tenant of this place. whatever color appliance came before the awesome 70s avocado is what this place is outfitted with. i don't do well in temporary situations. anxiety robs me of sleep. *ends pity party*

we did get lots of pretty snow last week though. thick, fluffy snow. and this is what i get to see when i convince myself to run up the neighboring hill.

just ready to start making portland home.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

so this is the new year...

...and i don't feel any different

i start off the first post of each year that way. death cab lives!

it's funny how i'd actually rather sit here and beat myself up about not blogging than actually blog.


this is my 11th day living here. we're squatting in an apartment that's very old, but clean and functional. we put an offer on another short sale (why is every house we like a SS?!?!?!), so now we get to wait to hear from the bank(s).

i got crazy spoiled by staying with my parents in dallas for two weeks. big comfy bed, my mom did my laundry and took me shopping every day. spoiled. eden and ella became bff.

then the night before flying here, i decided to go bat shit cray cray. so scared to leave my family and fly to a strange apartment in a strange city.

i'm much better now. i've found a target, a mall and a liquor store. and 283942224922 starbucks. so i'm good.

also, i've been watching "glee" on netflix and reading "the hunger games." i am almost caught up on pop culture.

i was in bed at 11:50pm on NYE. fail.

and running up massive hills in the cold is like a slow death.