Thursday, October 29, 2009


i don't really like my previous post. i toyed with the idea of deleting it...the second half anyway. but i shan't.

i don't like talking about having MS. i feel like it makes me sound whiny. or like an attention whore. but i just needed to get some of that info out there so that people know i'm not slow or stupid...i just have some things working against me.


i want to pummel myself for just typing that, by the way.

matt and i are continuing our halloween tradition of watching a scary movie on halloween night. we've knocked out "halloween," "friday the 13th," and "nightmare on elm street." this year it's gonna be "drag me to hell" although matthew has never seen "the exorcist."

i have a strange fascination with horror/disturbing movies. i used to google it all the time. i haven't really seen any of the movies i've come across...i can barely read about them on wiki.

i also have a fascination with her story. i've never heard anything like it. and not in a good way.

might be one of the most terrible things i've ever read.

i've depressed myself.

so to cheer up myself, let's list the 3 loves of my life:

1) my piece

2) my puppy
3) my car

Sunday, October 25, 2009


except we didn't go to vegas.

anniversary weekend made up for my sucky birthday on tuesday.

matt took friday off and he did laundry, dishes, bought groceries, folded towels, etc. i was super impressed.

friday night we had our 1st anniversary dinner at herbsaint. one of my favorite things about nice restaurants is the amuse-bouche. i generally like that one bite more than the appetizer/entree. weird huh...

i did start with a squash puree with creme fraiche and candied pecans followed by a pork belly cassoulet. we (politely) opted out of dessert in favor of sucre' as i am addicted to their adorable strawberry filled cupcakes with pink glitter.

but my FAVORITE part was after sucre'. i might post some pics after i get around to taking them.

and no, they won't be dirty pictures. perverts.

i took ella to city park saturday afternoon to meet some friends since the weather was soooo nice. as expected, she got sick and yakked all over the place and proceeded to be so lethargic that i took her home. ninny.

oh and last week i took her to petco where she managed to streak diarrhea all over the store. ella is on house arrest.

anyway, today we ate year old cake. and it was yummy.


on another note, i was perusing the national MS society's website and realized even more ways that MS affects you, even when you aren't relapsing.

here is what i learned:

-- MS decreases cognitive learning. as i read through the paragraph, i kept saying "that's me!!!" i do have trouble finding the right words, concentrating, recalling information and just memorizing in general. and so i accepted that i'm not gonna be one of those "pass-all-the-sections-on-the-first-try" type of people in regards to the CPA exam. but not because i'm stupid, which was my initial conclusion.

-- people with MS tend to laugh/cry uncontrollably. the uncontrollable crying i just blame on being a woman. but the uncontrollable laughing is interesting. there's been soooo many times that i've lain in bed at night laughing til tears poured down my cheeks for no reason. it's called emotional lability. you can google it.

-- you need 10-12 hours of rest a day with MS. uhhhhhhh. that's like half the day. i determined i get approx 7.5. but who has time to rest that much??? WHO I ASK YOU?!?!!

the rest of the information was stuff i already knew. but now YOU know. cause i'm sure you were laying awake at night starving for such information.

i really really really struggle to find the right words. it's remarkable really.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

i hate unsolicited advice

so i'm putting MY unsolicited advice in a post so that if you read it, then you've solicited it and therefore it'


made sense in my head.

with my first wedding anniversary quickly approaching, i've compiled some lessons learned throughout this first year-o-marriage:

1) secrets can destroy. tell each other everything even if you think it's stupid. most of what i say and do is stupid.

2) when you learn what pushes the other's buttons, don't do it just to get a rise out of them. in fact, don't do it at all. it's all about harmony...

3) don't stop being polite. i value a "please" and "thank you" more in my marriage than in any other aspect of my life.

4) always kiss goodnight...we actually have a little sign over our bed that says that. although a road sign that says "merge" would be way funnier.

5) leave and cleave. cut the chord. pop the titty out yo mouth. you and your spouse are a family now (i.e. he is now the most important person in your life....or she. i don't discrimin-hate).

6) brag on your man. and tell them they're cute. even if they aren't...whaaa? jk.

7) laugh. laugh laugh and laugh. and then you should laugh.

i'm stopping at 7 cause it's the number of perfection.

matthew alexander everett is perfection.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

secret time

it has not been a good week.

AND just now a guy on "police women of broward county" got arrested for soliciting sex and he was driving an RX8. soils the good name of my cherry darlin!

who is at the doctor cause her a/c sporadically blows hot air. get.well.soon.

as for the actual secret...

i really like new orleans.
and "police women of broward county" but that's beside the point.

yeah new orleans has traffic bad enough to make you jab blunt pencils into your eyes.
and there might be a hint of a crime problem.

but there's so much culture...and character...and charm. synonyms? oh well.

i can say with certainty that the food here is unbelievable. i'll annoy the hell out of people bragging on the food in this place.

mid-city: love it
french quarter: love it
uptown: love it

i can almost see target from my house. along with a mall that has BR, jcrew, f21, sephora, bebe, coach, cache, aldo, macy's, etc etc etc. i mainly just named the stores that are NOT in good old pecanland mall, monroe, louisiana, papermill stank capital of the world.

12 days til my birthday. 17 days til my first wedding anniversary.

hearts for october, man...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The College Years

because this weather makes me long (ache, actually) for those wistful tech days, i've decided to do a series of posts about my college memoirs. mainly so that i can go back and read them and get warm fuzzies. and also because most of you are involved in some way...



i lived in an apartment on california with my bro's (then) girlfriend. i went home EV-VER-RY WEEK-END. mainly for my sanity. i was so lonely! i would sit in my car outside of GTM (ah! such an ugly building!) and just cry and cry before my 8am class cause i was so lonely. hence going home every weekend. and we're talking thursday night through monday morning weekend. in hindsight, that was pretty much stupid.

ahh but that spring i came alive! i made friends! friends who i still have to this day... and i managed to cram the following huge volume of awesome into 6 short weeks:

.spent a night at "the hill" with a group of people who were strangers to me while driving there but close friends when we drove back

.got locked inside the bcm til 3am...but when there's bean bags i won't complain.

.played what i thought was an awesome prank that ended with me driving my car into a field goal post...? (misti, it was when leigh-ann and i stole scott sutton's car and he avenged his honor by stealing all the tvs and computers from leigh-ann's house).

.i had twirp dates! not dates that were twirps, but dates for twirp week.

.fostered a budding romance that fizzled by the next fall quarter (c'est la vie!)

.on my gosh, that was when the frothy monkey was across from nethken hall. it was nethken, wasn't it? i'm so old.

.i was a student worker in the department of economics and finance. i pissed around on the internet when there weren't tests to copy or envelopes to stuff. but it paid my ($175!!!) rent.

in may i went home to work at brookshire's. certified cashier, thank you very much. that was actually a great summer...

also, freshmen year is pimento loaf compared to the prime rib that was sophomore-grad school years...