Sunday, April 24, 2011

frugal freveretts

we've lived in our new house about a week now. we still have boxes piled in what we call "the atrium" that are full of wall decor and knick knacks. lesson 1#: don't buy all your decor specific to your current casa. because chances are it won't work in your next one.

goal: i need to learn how to cluster our frames/wall art so that the one painting that looked great on our tiny apartment walls doesn't look so sad and lonely on our more expansive house walls.

also...i've decided to entertain this thing called "frugality" and also massage the notion of being more eco-friendly. we bought a HE washer/dryer. which i stare at from time to time because it's so beautiful. i only use mrs. meyer's clean day counter spray (plant-derived essential oils) instead of fun bleachy, chemically cleaners. i just repurposed two antique glass bowls into a jewelry holder on my dresser and remote holder on my nightstand.

i made a pillow cover out of two napkins from world market and an old pillow and hem tape. total cost was less than $6.

i bought a head of romaine lettuce instead of those bags of greens that can cost almost $4. some roasted red peppers, sunflower seeds, parm and a little dressing...mmm mmm mmm.

our dinner tonight cost about $1. kraft spaghetti dinner: $1.59. can of tomato paste: .33. and we can eat it for two nights which averages to about $1/night. don't worry, we don't eat that college dormish every night.

we have tons of jasmine and gardenia growing right by our front porch so we have a constant (for now) supply of amazing smelling fresh flowers.

next up: more earth-friendly and wallet-friendly toiletry items (shampoo, body wash, etc) and homemade cleaners (but i doubt i can ever EVER beat the amazing smell of mrs meyer's lemon verbena).

and maybe a picture or two of the house when it's not nighttime outside because i become an overexcited school boy sometimes. don't know what i was thinking...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

beep beep ribbi ribbi

google it.

if you will kindly recall this post, i'd like to share with a bit of irony.

as of this past wednesday, my bank has been purchased by another bank and as of september, i'm back on the job market. does the world think i particularly enjoy looking for jobs? because i do not.

for a little brighter news, two weeks from today we are moving into the cutest little house that you ever did see. whose yard is overflowing with jasmine and a front porch adorned with the preciousist of swings. it's a good thing.

that's not a lot of info but it carries a bit of weight so i'll let it marinate in your eyes, heart and brain before i continue the never-ending drama that is life as an everett.