Monday, October 24, 2011

tear jerker

i'm not a big crier at movies. i've been known to well up during certain films (blue valentine), but mainly just if an animal died. not a human. animal.

but there have been 4 movie/tv moments that have made me cry like a big dumb homo.

i will share them with you, in chronological order:

1) ok, fine, i sobbed after i saw pearl harbor. i saw it in the theater in high school. i was misty-eyed during the scene where danny is dying and raf tells him he's gonna be a daddy. but then i got in my car to drive home and lost it. i sat in the parking lot, bellering on the phone to my mom about how they named the baby "danny" and raf and evelyn raised him together. i missed my curfew.

2) when ryan atwood left at the end of the first season of the oc. run-on sentence. but seriously. ryan does the noble thing and leaves the cohen's mansion to go raise his bastard kid. literally drives off into the sunset. but when jeff buckley's "hallelujah" starts...and kirsten starts stripping the sheets off his bed and sobbing...UGLY.CRY.

3) i was way late in seeing the shawshank redemption. but after i saw it, matt literally had to hold me, while i pressed my salty sticky face into his polo shirt. the old man that works in the prison library is released from prison. nowhere to go. doesn't know a soul. and he winds up hanging himself. this poor, old grampy hung himself. and it tore me up something good. major soft spot for fogeys.

4) friday night lights spoiler. but you see it coming a mile away so it doesn't really matter. first off, i just love matt saracen. the way he talks like his mouth is full of marbles. his patience with his schizo grandma. i want a travel-sized matt saracen. but then...when his father dies. wow. the performance zach gilford gives as he goes through the 5 stages of grief is incredible. it was a long, hard, snotty, swollen-eyed sobfest.

i have to go. i have the oven.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

fantasy knuckleheads

last year, matt joined a fantasy football league at work. neither of us were really into the NFL before (except for the saints!), but it was really fun. especially since he won. so i wanted to play this year.

we started a league with some friends from church that was originally 5 girls and 3 guys. so me and my friend, meredith, decided we really needed to punch it up with some girly team names. we eventually had 2 more guys join the league, but that didn't stop me from naming my team "the monistat 7." and with a current record of 0-3, i have last place firmly locked.

i usually don't have fun when i lose, but this is still fun. matt, of course, is undefeated. anything that involves some element of luck is an automatic death sentence for me. the brashears are not known for their luck.

in other news, tiny little ella biscuit had to get her yearly shots yesterday and she is beyond puny today. we enjoy laughing at her misery, which bodes well for our future children.