Friday, May 27, 2011

some pointless crap

our whole bedroom reeks of sunless tanner.

because i felt compelled to buy a romper. i'm 17, right?



so i've started running. i'm slow as molasses and sweat like a hot donkey, but i managed to shave a minute off my mile time this week. don't expect that to happen again for a while. but i did find a $5 bill on the sidewalk across from the snoball stand whilst running. i gave it to the Lord.

and then i found $5 in my pants pocket this morning. full circle, bay-BEE!

so now that i'm actually doing some physical activity, my appetite is off the charts. my tummy begs for comestibles waaaay more than it used to and it has FORCED me to make cookies and buy a bag of chocolate chips today. to bake more cookies. and completely FUBAR some homemade pop-tarts. the strawberry filling hemorrhaged out of the "pop-tarts" while they were baking, leaving me with baked pie crust (i.e. lard) covered in glaze. my tummy does the dougie just thinking about it. oy.

also, i'm pretty obsessed with her blog. it's mainly about adoption (international, transracial) which isn't something i'm terribly interested in (yet) but i do enjoy her stories of raising 4 kids (all under age 6). and of course, i'm a sucker for a fellow cynical, sarcastic, socially awkward, closet twilight lover. her transparency when it comes to child-rearing gives me confidence that i could actually bring a child into this world and not screw it up completely.

*matt just closed the bathroom door and it scared the piss out of a sleeping ella. bless those hypersensitive ears.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

cause you're my wifey...

i've felt very wife-ish this weekend. yesterday i bought two baskets of impatiens and an indoor ivy to spruce up our porch and living room. i mopped. i made another pillow cover (i accidentally did it wrong-side out so that was an hour wasted, drinking coffee and listening to offensive ganster rap while my iron did all the work). i made a yummy mexican chicken and rice casserole. matt and i washed both our cars and now we're both sipping on homemade margaritas, complete with fresh limes, simple syrup and patron.

we both took off work friday to go to jazzfest. actually, we took off last friday too. to go to jazzfest. last friday, we saw mumford and sons (i could cry just thinking about it) and both got burned to a "frazzlin' crisp" as my dad would say. i was smarter this week and wore long-sleeves, thanks to our purty 75 degree weather.

friday night we saw arcade fire. my life changed forever. if you do not know who they are, i'm going to have to re-evaluate our friendship. ok i don't mean that, but seriously. they are fabulous. and cyndi lauper magically appeared during their encore for "girls just wanna have fun." i was mad trippin, yo.

i also did a gallery wall in our living room that i wasn't digging at first, but now i'm lovin. i also googled "spackling drywall" so that all of my nail holes can eventually be repaired. i'm not real big on measuring...

and happy mother's day to my sweet mom. that i used to bring bouquets of weeds to, thinking they were actual beautiful flowers.

beiber on the next ABDC?? well, suck me sideways...

{dumb and dumber quote.}

{{not a perv}}