Monday, March 23, 2009


i am unfortunately addicted to the twilight series. and feel i may quickly become an advocate. by reminding myself of that, i keep my obsession within reason.

ahhh steroids...a recent facebook status reminded me of those little beauties. prednisone wasn't bad at all. dex made me want to be trampled by a herd of african elephants. there was a few hallucinations...XTREME ( "e") eating alllll the time. usually consisting of a large papa john's pizza and one pack of double stuf oreos.

so i got fat to match my hideous "moon" face. and boy was i a cranky, cranky beeyotch. picture simon cowell on steroids...or...MORE steroids. i'm pretty sure i made him look like june cleaver.
lucky for my loved ones, at the time i didn't own a cleaver.

actually, i still don't.

i've refused multiple times to EVER take that satanic poison again. and so far, so good.

so this edward cullen character...soooo easy to fall in love with. soooo silly because he's totally fictitious and trust me, you aren't going to find a vampire like that. i know a few too many people out there have the (mistaken, sorry!) idea that they're gonna find a guy like ole eddie. i use "people" and "they" cause i'm pretty positive he has both male and female admirers. anyway, he.does.not.exist. and excuse my cyniscim, but the reason we all love him so is because he doesn't exist...that we know of. so now are tiny minds are consumed with the idea. the idea that mr. ed could be out there somewhere...and we're just the girl...*cough* DUDE, to attract him. i've found that those kind of musings only led to disappointment as no human guy (pun pretty much intended) can possibly live up to that crap.

so this rant is basically so i can get that out of my system. and enjoy e-dawg's character while admiring my sweet, perfect husband more than ever.

does that mean i'm growing up?

i love my dog so much that sometimes it makes my eyes well up...

p.s. flyleaf and coldplay tickets are MINE. all MINE...wuahahahahaHAHAHA.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Shower Playlist

my unwinding routine consists of singing my head off in the shower...
these are currently the songs that are responsible for my lack of a head:

the black dress - umbrellas
decode - paramore
there for you - flyleaf
fever dream - iron&wine
all around me - flyleaf
ghost - umbrellas
breathe today - flyleaf
so i thought - flyleaf
alone - heart
cassie - flyleaf
june, summer, rose - umbrellas
sorrow - flyleaf
the special two - missy higgins

ahhh some real old school thrown in there...


i've started reading the twilight series. *hangs head in shame

and i have a strange urge to listen to "dark blue"

i've been picking at the same spot on my lip for weeks...maybe months...and i probably have staph now. fml.

so some moron comes flying through the parking garage in two lakeway, goes the wrong way down a one-way, slams it in reverse to back into his parking spot, and ends up smacking into the building. in my head i pointed and laughed soooo real life, i looked at him like the idiot that he is. in a LUMINA. good grief.

and i've decided my new (and only) talent is going to be mario kart.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

must just be cynical...

seriously. i'm either a hopeless cynic or incapable of love. if love is defined by the sugary-sweet nothings and *muah muah muahs* i have to subject myself to on facebook. it doesn't make me think negatively of anyone but myself, so don't feel like i'm dissing you.

should i be more open with my feelings? maybe that's what i'm doing when i type on this here saccharine-free blog...

maybe that's why matt's perfect for me.

sometimes i'd prefer to not be told secrets because when someone else finds out, i have to act like i had noooo idea about it. then i feel like i'm lying.

oh my gosh i'm watching "half-ton teenager" on tlc.


Friday, March 6, 2009

did i misspell "grieve"?

greive?? griev? greeeeveee????

car is washed
microwave is scrubbed
ella's paws trimmed
haircut scheduled
chronic disease fund called
and i actually do NOT have a very important decision to make...

for now

two incidents today reminded me of how strongly scents are tied to memory. and i remembered i've been wearing VS "heavenly" for almost 10 years.

the following are smells that bring back a vivid (sometimes painful) memory for me:

-pleasures for men
-pecan passion from bath and body works
-abercrombie fierce
-my chi conditioner
-coconut lime verbena from b&bw
-VS pink

when i actually sit down to list them, they all flee my mind...for the most part.

tomorrow: nitrogen for le tires

how did we get here?
when i used to know you so well...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Mini Vent

normally, it would grieve me to death to think that someone didn't like me.

this time, i've resolved to not care. i don't think she likes me. i could be wrong...maybe she's just rude.

rude rude rude.

i want to replace some wedding pics with honeymoon pics.
i need to clean the microwave.
ella's paw hairs need trimming.
i need to dust.
i need to go to the thrift store.
i need a haircut.
i need to order flowers for my grandmother's birthday.

i need to call the chronic disease fund.
i need to pay a medical bill.
i (hopefully) will have to make a HUGE decision.
we need to go look at that china cabinet.
i (desperately) need to wash my car.
and get one of the tires aired (nitrogen-ed) up.

hopefully that's it for now. i can't believe it's march. soon it will be may...then august...then christmas. the days fly by and i don't always enjoy them. kind of my fault i guess.