Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Au-gust I'll Make a Blog Post...

That was a bad, bad joke.  Sorry.

My parents were here for the first week of July and then Matt's parents were here for the second week, which means Matt and I had to actually do some of the things we'd been saying we would do.  However, I only took pictures at the Oregon coast.  The rest are on my phone and I'm too lazy to upload.

It was WINDY.  And smelled so salty fresh.

We finally got some chairs for our living room...they came precisely after all of our guests had left.  Hmph.

I was watching "Shawshank Redemption."

I also made some curtains for our patio door.  Ignore the mess that is my sewing corner.  I don't actually sew.

This is the first room either of us have painted IN OUR LIVES.  Still have lots of stuff to hang on the walls.  Color check: Sherwin Williams Baize Green

I painted the half bath one Sunday afternoon.  It's definitely more purple than it shows here.  I was going for a purple/gray but in natural light, it is a light light purple. Color Check: Sherwin Williams Destiny

I can grow the heck out of some house plants.  And dahlias apparently.  Maybe in October I'll post the pictures of taken of our yard/flowers/grass.  Obviously, I'm a blogging slacker.