Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Year

On September 1, 2012, I woke up and couldn't walk.  Couldn't walk well, at least.  I put on one of my favorite tank tops and used Matt as a crutch so we could enjoy a 1pm brunch.  I even managed to get my fall wreath on the door.  The next day is when I decided I needed to go to urgent care because this was like Ron Burgundy.  Kind of a big deal.

Has it really been a year?  September was spent on the couch soaked in steroids.  October was spent learning to walk again.  November/December were spent catching up on alllllll that I missed while incapacitated.

My March MRI showed new lesions in my brain that put Baby Watch 2013 on hold for another 6 months.  In May/June, both sets of parents came for a visit.  We visited a few wineries on Hood River and Carlton and my sweet, sweet dad used some wine terms that were completely off-base and it was adorable.

June also brought job loss in the Everett house and it has been both cool and COMPLETELY UNCOOL.

The end of August brought a beautifully stable MRI, but also the discouraging news that I'm now JC positive.  The JC virus is the ONE virus that can get through the blood brain barrier on this MS drug I take and it can cause PML.  Which results in either severe disability or death.  I was JC negative for a year and it was awesome.  Now that I'm positive, I fear that Baby Watch 2013 will become Baby Watch 2014.  And it's a bummer.

BUT.  It's September.  My fall wreath is on the door, my Pumpkin Cupcake candle is on the mantle.  We have 2 Fantasy Football drafts today.  Ella has fur.  On her legs, at least.  So this September is already light-years better than the last.