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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

my best of 2010

this will be my first annual "best albums of 2010" post. i always do a soundtrack of the year, but soooo many good albums came out this year that i must elaborate on them.

no particular number in no particular order.

"gorilla manor" - local natives
great harmonies and their drummer is not human. they were at tulane not long ago.
what has two thumbs and missed it? this guy.
standout tracks: "sun hands" "airplanes" "who knows who cares"

"the suburbs" - arcade fire
it's no "funeral" but i tend to not like later albums much as older stuff. win butler's hair
is inexplicable.
standout tracks: "rococo" "sprawl II (mountains beyond mountains" "we used to wait"

"brothers" - the black keys
love love love love love this album. i feel like a badass when i listen to it. funky, bluesy,
standout tracks: "sinister kid" "ten cent pistol"

"sigh no more" - mumford and sons
i know i won't be alone on this. everyone is obsessed with this album. folky, bluegrass
rock that makes for easy listening.
standout tracks: "the cave" "after the storm" "awake my soul"

"winter of mixed drinks" - frightend rabbit
there are no words. it's not as perfect as their previous album (midnight organ fight)
but that subtle scottish accent, lyrics that portray masculine vulnerability, and a live
show rivaled only by coldplay, i can NOT get enough of these guys.
standout tracks: "things" "foot shooter" and i DARE you not to tear up at "fun stuff"

i also found myself listening to several albums that were released prior to 2010, but i just now decided to try out.

"manners" - passion pit
perfect for getting my work day going. can barely understand a word they say.

"hands" - little boots
poppy with just the right about of indie weirdness.

"midnight organ fight" - frightened rabbit
perfectly perfect perfection.

"la la land" - plants and animals
saw them open for frightened rabbit and their quirkiness won my heart.

"forgiveness rock record" - broken social scene
because i love stars. the band and the balls of burning gas in the sky.


i'm sure you'll all be on pins and needles about my forthcoming soundtrack of 2010! and by all, i mean none.

areba. dare. chee.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

your new poodle could be your noodle

my mom sent me a really sweet email chronicling the day of my birth. i think i'll post it sometime.

in other news, cherry is long gone. she has been replaced by a red corolla named rosie. i miss cherry. but rosie is very comfortable. and practical. ewwwww. practical.

i meant to post this a while back but i get easily distracted (i.e. lazy). my parents are leaving the bustling metropolis of junction city for the quiet solitude of dallas. what...? do i have that backwards?

my dad started a new job a few weeks ago and mom is staying behind to sell the house. of my childhood. complete with our hand prints in the driveway from the day it was poured. and our playhouse in the backyard. the hall closet where i slept as a baby (i forget why). the chimney that santa could never fit down. the lazy susan that always got stuck on some random appliance accessory. the dining room that we were never allowed in cause the carpet was pristine (and peach. and still is). the bedroom window that i could never sneak in/out of. so i never tried.

the indoor planter that was originally supposed to be a hot tub. but instead used to be turned into a winter wonderland at christmas. with a motorized angel of some sort. and big styrofoam lollipops. and different color spotlights. willy wonka comes to mind.

sorry jan.

i don't really want someone else to live in my house.

i've had two toenails get ripped off in the last two days. that's an average of one a day.

i can haz math.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

another story

i have not enjoyed this week.

i'd like to apologize in advance to my dear, sweet office buddy, melissa, who has heard this story in detail multiple times over the last few days.

so on my lunch hour wednesday, i decide to drive around and look at some houses that are for sale. i'm on my way to the third house which is further out that the other two. i'm at a stoplight on a busy four-lane road when my sweet cherry darlin dies on me. no warning. no sputtering. no lurching. just dies. traffic light turns green and suddenly i'm THAT person. apparently the fact that my hazards are on doesn't tip anyone off and they continue to honk at my helpless ass as i sit there contemplating what good calling matt would do.

luckily, the guy beside me in traffic pulls over and pushes me onto a side street. he happens to be a mechanic! :D:D:D found out that cherry has a rotary engine and he wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. :(:(:(

after about an hour, cherry magically cranks. assuming she had overheated, i just left her there to continue cooling and matt dropped me back at work.

we take cherry to the dealership on thursday because no one else will fondle her rotary. that afternoon, i'm in the process of reading an email from a realtor when homedude from mazda calls me. and says, "i hope you're sitting down." no, my job is as a professional stander. i'm a statue.

so dude says my fuel pump needs replacing first of all so we're looking at at least $2000. yeah, there's 3 zeros on that. i choke on my own vomit and tell him i'll just have to talk to him later.

and then i cry because that means no house.

matt's like "aw, hell naw" when homedude tells him the news and says we'll pick cherry up and take her home cause we can't afford that right now.

we go to pick her up and those dirty hamsters left my glovebox sitting in the floorboard. with papers strewn about. i was DISPLEASED.

we took it to a new place and they are sooooo nice there. i promised to make them all brownies if they could get my cherry darlin back in tip top shape.

so that was my wednesday-friday. now i get to study for the $#@@#@ cpa exam which i take on monday.

at least it's october.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


first cd i owned: celine dion - let's talk about love (gift, christmas 1997)

first pop song i ever heard: lisa loeb - stay (totally grew up on country. and rappin' rabbit.)

first music video i saw: the cardigans - lovefool (mtv was banned til i was like 15)

first car: 97 pontiac grand am. the windows didn't work and it flooded when it rained.

first kiss: i was 15. and it was awful. i was afraid i was gonna be a lesbian.

first day of 7th grade i wore: acid wash shorts and clear platform jellies. i had to put deodorant on the bottom of my feet so they wouldn't get sweaty and slide around.

first magazine i bought: a YM with antonio saboto jr on the cover. i was in 7th grade and i think it got taken away from me because there was a blurb in it about penises.

first text message: "i'm ron burgandy?" from topher cagle. in 2005. second edition nokia phone that i thought was so cool cause the sides lit up when it rang. and i had a louis vuitton phone cover.

first apartment: 305 w. california in ruston. we got robbed so i moved after my freshmen year.

first dance at my wedding: "heaven" by the fire theft. youtube it. now.

first homecoming date: mitchell wood in 8th grade. i had a ridiculously good time.

first big haircut: my SENIOR YEAR. senior year, people. went from middle of my back to my collarbone and i loved it and jan hated it.

first rated R movie: "scream" in 6th grade. had no idea what kind of movie i was about to see. scared the hell out of me. and i got in trouble.

first piercing: second hole when i was 16. downhill from there.

first job: first financial bank in el dorado. in the loan vault. and i got locked in it regularly.

i should quit while i'm ahead. that'd be a first.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

i don't mind the rain

as long as i can stay home on the couch.

i think it was determined this weekend that parkway tavern's surf and turf poboy is the leading poboy of new orleans. according to the everetts' palates. sophisticated as they are.

it has been raining like nobody's business. so today, matt and i watched some "arrested development" while the rain pitter-pattered. i got my favorite blanket, moved our unphotogenic dog out of matt's lap (sorry, ella. NOT!) and snuggled til i fell asleep.

i'm sorry but i have to say it.

five years ago, i was in hawaii. watching new orleans wash away from our condo tv. i got the same feeling i had on 9/11.

i stared at the tv.

"ok, what?"


"ok, i'm sorry, what?"

my comprehension skills were not up to par.

but katrina-whore definitely leaves a cloudy film on my hawaiian vacay. maybe on some level i knew that i'd one day call new orleans "home."

this was totally supposed to be a temporary stop for us. but we went to harbor about a year ago this month and the sermon was basically about urging students and young couples to stay in the city. after their degrees/internships/summer jobs were over.

i took it as a sign. despite the craters in the roads, the unfavorable schools, traffic and crime, i had fallen in love with her. and i decided i wanted to stay here, as long as the good Lord saw fit.

my friend, meredith, said in her blog that "i've heard it said that the longer you live in new orleans, the more unfit you are to live anywhere else."

i feel that way. if i moved right now, i'd end up making everyone hate me cause i'd never shut up about the food or mardi gras or my saints.

i can't say enough about the food. or sipping cocktails on the porch of the columns. or the ambiance at the green goddess with it's copperplate ceilings and teeny tiny tables. how hansen's doesn't have air conditioning. but you can air condition your stomach. the many chandeliers at loa and how they play arcade fire and band of horses while i sip my lemondrop on a velvet chair.

how everyone looks good in black and gold. and people take their dogs everywhere. how old metairie road is like my own personal princess land. and magazine st has more little stores and shops than i can count.

and amazing gelato.

how the dumpest looking little shacks have the absolute best food. and the waitresses call you "honey," dear" and "baby."

our friends here are amazing. we love them so much and they've made my life complete.

i can't see myself living anywhere else.

i love my city.

Monday, August 9, 2010

my top 5 michael scott moments

i was originally going to do a top 10 list, but i decided top 5 is more prestigious.

i don't know if "the office" will live without michael gary scott.

5) in the episode "performance review" where pam is microwaving popcorn; michael looks at the camera and whispers, "ahhh i'm hungry." and it's ridiculously fun to quote.

4) in "weight loss: part 2" michael pitches a little hissy fit after one of the weigh-ins and the way he flaps his little hands like a 5 year old cracks me up.

3) any and every time he sings.

2) his solo dance in "booze cruise." very fun to imitate.

1) prison mike in "the convict." gruel, dimentos, eating your own hair...

i definitely have top 5 dwight and top 5 andy moments. i just have to narrow them down.

"that's what she said."

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

i own it

back in the days of yore, i tried to be one of those people that's "hard to read" or "put up walls" because i thought it'd be cool if someone was like, "man, i wonder what happened to make her so closed off" blah blah blah.

i don't know if i really wanted to be seen that way or if it's because i was surrounded by fake people and thought that was a good way to be fake.

the truth is i'm a freakin open book. i'll tell you whatever you want to know, good or bad. because i don't feel like i should be ashamed of things i've said or done because i've learned specific things from each and every one. and i want to share what i've learned with friends going through similar times but i feel it's pivotal to also divulge some background so they don't think i'm some self-righteous quack.

plus people that are too guarded just get on my nerves.

do i strike you as judgmental? cause i like to think that i'm far from it. because 1) i've probably done the same thing or something similar and 2) i'm not God.

i spent too much time surrounded by fake, judgmental people. so i'm determined to be the opposite. i like being real, even when it's not pretty. and i feel like that was stifled in the past by people who judged me for being me.

awkward, uncensored, clumsy me.

but that is no more. and it only took ~27 years.

heart + sleeve

Sunday, July 18, 2010

a confession

i've meant to post this before but in case you haven't noticed, i have a tendency to be lazy.

but i think it's time that i come out and say that i have some weird, morbid obsession with disturbing movies.

and i have for a while.

i'm a sick, sick soul.

i have no problem with violence as long as it's not someone getting the crap beat out of them. or curb-stomped, a la american history x.

in city of god, little kids are forced to shoot each other. i didn't care.

didn't really find a clockwork orange very violent or disturbing, but we've been wayyyyy desensitized to violence since the 70s.

i've watched pieces of cannibal holocaust but i REFUSE to watch the scenes with real animal killings.

even i draw the line somewhere. and the line is animals dying.

and i also couldn't finish i spit on your grave.

see i have a soul! i'm human!

disturbing could also mean just plain freaky, i.e. eraserhead, audition, freaks.

or just plain gross. see pink flamingos, gummo, salo.

i know entirely too much about this genre of film. and no one to share it with.

Monday, July 5, 2010

currently craving

- a brocato's cannoli
- crabby jack's shrimp poboy
- green goddess sweet potato biscuits
- stella's potato soup (with bacon lardons and caviar creme fraiche)
- kupcake factory's wedding cake cupcake ( and reese's cupcake)
- banana pudding from my own two man-hands
- ben and jerry's sweet cream and cookies
- a margarita from juan's flying burrito
- a frothy monkey mocha
- jacques-imo's cornbread muffins drenched in garlic butter
- upperline's honey pecan bread pudding (with toffee sauce)
- brennan's brandy milk punch
- zea's roast garlic hummus
- tabouleh from lebanon's
- the drew bree's cupcake from bee sweet cupcakes
- a sidecar from swizzle stick
- the flaming torch's french onion soup

did i mention i want these all at once?

- and a baked potato from port of call
and a swamp reuben from the avenue

ok that's all.

and a macaroon from sucre.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


that picture up there makes me laugh every time i look at it.


i've really never been this happy. that i can remember. God has placed some super great people in my life lately and for the first time in 26 years, i feel like i'm on level ground, friend-wise. i'm not trying to break into an already tight-knit group. i'm not trying to downplay my likes and opinions. i'm not in competition. it feels really good. although when i think about being 26 (and 3/4) and just now developing these kind of friendships, it dampens my enthusiasm. i wish i'd had these friends all along and not wasted time trying to mold myself into whatever friend i thought i needed to be.

but c'est la vie.

i'm glad to have people around me that i adore. and people that aren't always around me that i adore.

plus, i have a really freakin cute little dog.

i keep finding more and more reasons to not leave new orleans. including the new orleans rum factory. who gives lots of tastes of rummy yum. i mean, yummy rum. get it? get it??

i suck.

i just took an approx. 2 1/2 hour nap, so my MS happy and i can concentrate on this re-run of "whale wars." those japanese need their ass kicked.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

1000 facepalms


i've been way more socially awkward than usual this week. it physically hurts me sometimes. i talk when i shouldn't and don't talk when i should. like always, i'm gonna blame hormones.

i almost said "i'm gonna blame whale wars." cause that's what's on tv right now.

father's day is sunday. wish i could see my daddy. he's pretty much the best. he makes everything ok.

and he sang at my wedding. and i still tear up when i think about it.

i'm pretty sure ella isn't gonna do anything for matt for father's day. she's too spoiled and ungrateful.

omg the coffee at work is ridiculous. i can't handle chicory. it's like sludge. i put two creamers in it and it doesn't even change colors. i get obscene amounts of work done though. i have a dream job. good hours. tons of holidays. huge office and desk. amazing coworkers. the Big Guy really outdid himself on that mother.

holy crap! now there's some show on about lizards. it's one of my worst nightmares!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

no fear in death

strange few days.

i got to see some ruston friends friday. there was much walking around the french quarter which led to my toes being sore. my TOES were sore...??? really strange.

dinner at upperline saturday night. grasshoppers are a delicious dessert beverage. not the actual insect. that'd be really strange.

sunday i dreamed i was riding a bicycle underwater while singing "bicycle race" by queen. really strange.

today was my first day of work. i have a big desk. not just an L-shaped desk. but a U-shaped one. and 3 windows. and 35 hour weeks. i'm tearing up right now. really strange.

today i found out that a friend from high school shot himself yesterday. he was my first boyfriend. it's really strange. my facebook newsfeed is plastered with people writing sympathies on his sister's wall. people posting memories and prayers. it's so weird and so sad. i'm not sure how i feel about it.

it's a mixture of sad, weird and strange.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

cause i was told to get out, told to leave...

...told to have my things in the parking lot

good things have been happening for the everetts. while out having a beer with matt and his coworkers thursday, i found out i passed the financial section of the cpa exam. totally thought i failed. i had prepared myself to fail. but no. this dang exam has been a pain. well...i guess i should say this dang disease has been a pain. i started taking the tests in january of 2008 and then i had the relapse of all relapses that sidelined me for a year. A YEAR. it's the most annoying disease in the world.

so yes, i'm behind. and it takes courage for me to admit that but i guess i can't help it. my brain is against me.

also, i got to go home for the holiday weekend and get spit up on by my niece. i did not care one bit. 5 month olds are soooooooooooo fun. wiggly and giggly and they can hold their head up. she's way fun. really tugs at my uterus.

AND...get ready......................................................


a great job. at a bank. less than a mile from my house. so i get tons of holidays. it's really close to being my dream job. so this just proves that prayer works, people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i finally get a job and target is out of pumpkin pancake mix. where is the justice?!?

on a closing note, my brothers crack me up. i'm glad it only took 20 years for us to learn how to get along.

Monday, May 24, 2010

she was my favorite character on "DooL"

i washed my car today. for probably the second time since i've lived here. i forgot she is red.


i don't typically watch "the bachelore/tte" but i was painfully bored this evening so i tuned in. what a bunch of morons. i mean really. poor alli.

today, my diet consisted of two meals of lucky charms and one of cinnamon toast. i'll wake up starving, i'm sure. and then not be able to go back to sleep. and thus get up early. and go back to sleep after i eat.

when i have a job again, i'm gonna need a sitter for ella. because she is now even more co-dependent since i've been home with her all day.

banksy is a famous guerrilla graffiti artist that has some work around new orleans. i've decided that my next tattoo will be one that commemorates our time here. so my favorite banksy picture (below) will serve as my third tattoo.

next week = june. almost makes me want to eat a gun.

Friday, May 14, 2010

maybe too much?

i've lost my will to blog. it's a complicated process. i don't blog unless i have something specific to say. and my desire to sit down and blog has to correspond with having something to blog. so despite the pointless drivel that comes from my fingertips, it's actually very thought out.

maybe i shouldn't have admitted that.

so my older brother is officially a doctor. my oldest brother has been a doctor for 8 years. i have no job. *destroys self-esteem. even though my parents swear a CPA is just as prestigious. i am not 100% sure i believe them.

my family was in for most of the week. i realized that even around my family, i feel alone if matt's not there. co-dependent much? i really can't stand to be away from him.

my mom gave ella a haircut today while i was at an interview. luckily, i had a chicken biscuit to distract me and i didn't see the full extent of the damage til i'd sucked it down my gullet.

and she looks really cute. like a teddy bear.

and our dining room table has been summerfied. not sommerfied cause i have zero decorating sense. but some gerbera daisies and new placemats spruced it up.

my parents left a huge, huge jug of captain morgan on our kitchen counter. i am ever so grateful.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Twas quite the party

this was one of my favorite pictures from my bro's wedding last month. there may have been a wee bit o' celebration.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

love and marriage

go together like a horse and carriage...

it's wedding season (who are we kidding...every season is wedding season) and i've managed to make an astute observation or two. but probably just one.

no wait. i hate taylor swift. there. that makes two.

anyway, i always found it really irritating during engagement when people would offer me unsolicited advice about marriage. how things were gonna change and "oh you're gonna love married life!" uh...well why else would people do it? definitely not for the tax breaks. you have kids for that.

so it would really annoy the piss out of me when people would do that. so i don't do that. i ask about wedding plans (while carefully avoiding the phrase "well, what i did was...") and ask what the plan is post-wedding. but i offer no musings on newlywed life.

the other part of that is something i've just noticed. like 6 minutes ago. it basically cracks me up which is the opposite of annoying the piss out of me. i like it when newlynewlyweds (we're talking less than 2 months of marriage) offer marriage advice. especially when they talk about how hard it is. am i missing something? matt and i have not had a hard time at all. we have argued about sauce at chic fil a. it was pretty serious. and he did tell me i had fat butt disease. but that's pretty much it.

we are strange in that we tend to calmly and rationally discuss issues. unless i'm pms-ing super hard and then i yell. but i feel bad later. we don't fight about money. i don't feel neglected. we have our similar interests (movies, the office, beer, food, tattoos). we spend time together but not all our time together. we have the same (apathetic) political views.

i could go on but i can feel the carpal tunnel flaring. plus i seriously doubt anyone has read down this far anyway.

my sexy man candy has a birthday on sunday. doesn't look a day over 14.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

and soon...

i have an infinitely long mental list of things i'm gonna do when i have a job again. it grows every day.

- buy pumpkin pancake mix
- and new dirt pans for the stove
- stop watching river monsters
- go to starbucks
- treat my car to a tank of premium
- find a concert to go to
- join city bark so ella won't be so socially maladjusted
- buy wine that's more than $6
- go to the dentist (does cobra cover than? mental note...)
(i'm watching people shoot up on "addicted" and it's grossing me out. OUT.)


i had another snoball at hansen's today. half cream of coconut and half spearmint. the only thing i've had that compares is shave ice in hawaii. sorry, little red trailer snowcone stand in ruston.

on beautiful days where it's sunny but still cool and i'm sitting outside with friends eating snoballs deep, deep in new orleans, i'm reminded how much i love it here. i love saying i live in new orleans.

sometimes i feel like i'm in the minority on that.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

a story

if you recall this post, i showed a certain picture that i wanted to one day have on or around my body.

it is now on the back of my right shoulder. looking all cool and stuff. and sore as a mutha.

i realize it's a bit sinister...maybe even morbid. but i have a reason for it.

grad school was a pretty low time for me. i was so lonely. none of my friends stayed after graduation. i had my sweet roommate, but it was still a struggle for me.

i was sad. and i couldn't get not sad. it was like quicksand. i wanted to die and thought about it several times. i called my mom in the middle of the night one time and told her i was scared to go to sleep cause i didn't think i would wake up. i was pretty robotic. it was like i was watching myself from outside my body...trudging to class, trying to not fail my classes, befriending many of the wrong wrong kind of people.

i came across that picture somewhere. and it just made me feel better. made me think of heaven. where i wouldn't hurt anymore.

luckily, matt, ella and new orleans revived me from my stupor. but i still looked at this picture all the time. then and now, it reminds that no matter what happens here, i have a much better place waiting for me. where no sadness or pain or depression or guilt or hopelessness exists. it reminds me that i should put myself out there because even if it turns out badly, i have something much bigger waiting. i get so much peace and comfort from that.

i apologize for the somber tone. i truly believe that tattoos should be something that really means something special to you and gives you encouragement and hope.

there's some insight into the non-sarcastic, non-random me.

on the plus side, my tummy is full of p.f. chang's and gelato. and pg tips.

that is beautiful and doesn't hurt.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

oh good grief

the strawberry patch candle from bath and body works makes my mouth water. i want to eat the air.

this weekend we watched the hurt locker, district 9 and brothers.

the hurt locker was entertaining but didn't live up to the hype. district 9 was the weirdest movie i've ever seen, including charlie and the chocolate factory. brothers tore me up inside.

i decided to do some weight lifting yesterday evening and today my arms are throbbing. THER.OB.CHANDLER.BING.

this could possibly be the last week i'm unemployed.
i hope i didn't just jinx it.
i have three tattoos planned out in my mind. if i get this job, i shall celebrate by getting one.
cause you know, i'm a badass.

i actually said "badass" at church today. because my church is awesome. and they don't care. the sermon today was on sex and i blushed at least twice. i'm 26 years old, for pete's sake.

as an accountant, i offer my condolences as accounting firms scramble to get tax returns done this week. i'll be piddling the days away in my pajamas.

that is both awesome and pathetic.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

what's in a name?

matt and i enjoy a ridiculous name. we've come across many. playville, pe'andre, micole...just to name a few.

we discuss our future kids' names fairly often. and matt vetoes all of my suggestions. so far i think we've agreed on nora or katherine for a girl and jack or max for a boy. jack is growing on me, i guess.

i have no intention of stepping on toes with my name preferences. i'm just voicing a point a view. that's my disclaimer.

we are not fans of spelling a somewhat normal name a ridiculous way, just to be different. heathyr, jaxxon, aaiyden, tailyr, etc...

we also are not fans of pretentious names...where do i start: ryker, karsten, roxton, eastin, seamus (!?!?), seraphina, phinneaus, allesandra, etc.

lastly, we are not fans of naming your kid after a place, object or action: river, ryder, georgia, asia, derby, talon, trooper, olive, pace, holiday, gage, forrest, and lexus.

the following is my list of names. 99% have been vetoed by matt. but i don't care.





i guess having an odd and oddly spelled name has given me a preoccupation with what people are naming their kids these days.

p.s. so glad someone picked "eleanor rigby" to sing on AI tonight.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

i don't like having to think of a title

so that's my title.

so i follow a lot of blogs. a vast array of blogs.

we have the fashion blogs (that i think i tagged in a previous post) that leave me scratching my head as to how they afford to buy so many clothes. i used to buy maybe one shirt a month. one forever 21 shirt a month. these girls are loading up on rachel roy, dvf, chanel and louboutins. i'm not jealous per-se. just curious. i'd like to see their finances.

i'm a nerd.

then we have this woman. psycho to the max. a family of 5 living in a 445 sq foot apartment with a $1000 monthly income. she has some...interesting...ideas. she has recently stopped posting because she got berated daily for starving her children and keeping them in a room full of booby traps. and speaking of booby, she wants to breastfeed her children til they are 3 years old??? i don't need my nips knocking on my kneecaps, and i thank you.

she also feeds them sprouted rice. sprouted. rice. i don't even use a garlic clove if it has a sprout. she makes her own ketchup. handwashes clothes in the shower. uses lemon slices as deodorant. it's absolutely fascinating.

she's a fundie. enough said, i guess.

and you can judge me all you want for the following statement, but as someone who has been denied health insurance because of a pre-existing condition, i'm not all up-in-arms about the healthcare bill like 90% of my facebook friends.

and getting 1,000,000 to join a group to repeal it won't do a thing. facebook has a lot of magical powers, but i don't really think congress is going to take a social networking site that seriously.

i made this tonight with homemade mashed potatoes (i may or may not have used a stick of butter, cream cheese and heavy cream in said potatoes).

i guess i had more to say than i thought.

i'm obsessed with raspberry smirnoff and sprite.

Monday, March 22, 2010

back in my fleece pajamas...

i've actually been in my pajamas all day. it was a mopey day.

my brother got married saturday. i danced my arse off. probably the most fun i've had at a wedding that wasn't in october. of 2008.

and i got to hold my tiny niece all weekend.

we are cat-sitting while my bro and new sis are honeymooning. ella is a terrible hostess. but matt and i did spend a couple of hours today on the couch with a sleeping dog and sleeping cat. purring cat. biscuit-making cat.

our upstairs neighbors now have a surround sound system. shoot.off.my.face. it is dreadful.

like any responsible unemployed citizen, tomorrow i think i'll go buy some liquor.

i cannot get caught up on sleep. i was asleep before my parents even left yesterday afternoon. i basically slept til 1pm today, except for the short window of time i was awake to eat a chicken biscuit and watch an episode of "the wire." it's been a pajamas + blanket+ couch+ no makeup + apple pie for lunch kind of day.

i'll go ahead and admit i'm completely apathetic about politics. matt keeps me informed on what's going on, but it's all just a big headache to me. i'm a terrible citizen.

but my toenails are essie's "lilacism" and that is pretty much all i need to be cool.

Sunday, February 28, 2010


i did not enjoy this week.

thursday afternoon, one of the partners at work called me into his office. my little heart sank when i saw our HR rep in there too. then the inevitable happened.

laid off.

apparently...it's a p&n tactic to hire a bunch of kids right out of school that they can pay less and kick older staff that cost them more money out the door. the partner really had no valid reason. and he sputtered and stuttered whenever i asked a question or made an earth-shatteringly valid point.

my work bff was let go too. maybe we're just too attractive...??

ella was at work with me that day. i never take ella to work. the Lord must've known i'd need my little buddy to lick my cheeks while i packed up my stuff.

i'm already bored out of my mind. my parents were here this weekend for wedding stuff, so that distracted me. and a little retail therapy with ol jan.

and my bottomless glass of sauvignon blanc at dinner friday night.

i feel like i've been dumped by a boyfriend. it's the exact same feeling. and i have the sadz.

if anyone wants to come down to new orleans and hang out, i'm totally free.


p.s. i had a brunch of grits and grillades today. that combined with about 12 mimosas made my day a little less dim.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


i've been thinking about posting this for a while and i guess since it hasn't left my mind, i should get it off my chest.

after 26 years of existence, i decided maybe i'm some rare special snowflake that just isn't meant to have close girlfriends.

sommer, could you elaborate please?

why yes. yes i can.

i had one best friend from 1st-6th grade. then i made the cheerleading squad in junior high and those durn pom pons (yes it's pom poNs) just ripped us apart. we were merely civil throughout the next 4 years.

for those 4 years, i was a floater. i had my cheer friends. my band friends. my friends that were just my friends cause our parents were friends. my church friends.

then i switched schools for my junior year. which was a death wish friend-wise cause you can't penetrate those circles of friends that've been together since the boob. i could sum up my role in those friendships in one word: expendable. "oh i don't have anyone else to hang out with so i'll call up ole sommer!!!!!! weeee yaaahhh bleegghhh eeeee!!!!"

i saw right through you.

and then you did something completely horrible to me and i will never forget it. friendship. over.

college...it's hard to make friends in college. and i didn't until the end of freshmen year. then i had a select few bestest friends.

i'm terrible at keeping in touch. i know this. i'm mainly not still friends with anyone from high school because i'm the only one in my class that went to tech. and 90% of them still live in el dorado.

and i moved waaaaaay down here to new orleans. by myself. well. one of my good friends was down here too. but a series of unfortunate events (lemony snicket!) has put a major glitch in that relationship. i've posted about it before. i'm still too angry to talk about it. and i'm still ok with being this angry about it.

it really takes a lot to piss me off. or at least it did before i finally woke up and laced up the ball hairs. now i'm pretty crap-intolerant. that's a medical term.

so it's pretty much me+matt=bff4lyfe. and ella. i have alison here now. who's so sweet and has never ever hurt my feelings. i have a church i love. misti cheers me up at least twice a week, even from 6 hours away.

maybe. MAYBE. i can have close friends again. but for the most part, i'm pretty ok just on my own. because i've been on the outside (oh this sounds so pity party! sorry!) in pretty much all my girlfriendships. so i don't really feel like i'm in a new place emotionally. just a place i've finally come to accept and now i can quit fretting over why i don't have close girlfriends.

i guess it makes me me. but for the record: i am pretty awesome. you basically want to be my friend.

unless you don't. that's cool too.

*end "woe is me" pity party hats

Sunday, February 21, 2010


i go from so full i can't eat another bite to starving in about 1.5 hours. worms?

i got worms.

i'm only making this post i remind myself of stuff to post about later. and in the time it took to type that sentence, i forgot some of them.

girls. i need to talk about girls soon.

and that does not make me sound like a lesbian.

saw eisley again last night and i really really really want to be their friend. they are so cute and funny and talented and following them on twitter isn't enough for me.

the band that opened for them sucked all kinds of asparagus. the bassist still had braces. the lead singer looked like an angry midget (little person, sorry). the keyboard player's fly was down. tragic. they tried to get a circle pit going...i was all like "oh no, boy" and stuff. it didn't happen cause we were crammed in that place like cattle headed for slaughter. oh and the one girl in the band looked like ellen page. "geez, bananas, shut your freakin gob."

Sunday, February 14, 2010


i hit "enter" after i typed the title not knowing it would post. i learned something new.

the superbowl commercial with the sock monkey is on right now. one of the few commercials i liked.

unlike the game. which i liked at least 50% of. *hates ending sentences in prepositions*

the highlights from a little quadplex on st. ann included:

-black and gold tutus.
-black and gold beer. for matt.
-porch light morse code with the neighbors.
-the onside kick. that will live in our hearts forever.
-porter's interception. which caused heart palpitations of epic proportions.
-a dog running in the apt and peeing on ella's head
-drew holding his son after the game. sweetest thing i ever did see.

needless to say...carnival time has been a bit more rowdy than usual. the traffic makes me want to throw myself in front of a bus, but it's a small (to moderate) price to pay to live in new orleans at mardi gras.

my dad got to ride in the hermes parade friday night. i chased his float down st. charles and was rewarded with two bags of beads, a bag of cups and stuffed turtle. named davy.

but it was colder than a witch's tit so we left after one parade. why yes, we are hardcore.

endymion made getting to our valentine's dinner reservations a pain in the arse last night. but we were rewarded with our first 5 star dining experience. a few bites made me tear up. the blueberry meringues were unbelievable.

our alarm didn't go off this morning so we snoozed right on through church. sinners. so i made a pot roast and took a nap. i prefer to think of my constant need for sleep as a silver lining to having MS. i can drink a pot of coffee while lying in bed and be sound asleep 10 minutes later.

got two mouth-watering candles at b&bw yesterday. vanilla coconut and island pineapple. i now have 10 candles on our entertainment center. makes me want to have a seance.

my chest is feeling icky so i think i'm gonna try to see if cookies and wine (not together) will cure what ails me.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

my purpose in life...

...is to survive til sunday without wetting myself.

ok not really. but i am mega-excited. hyphenated.

the beer i will be drinking during the beauxl (i think that's kind of a gay spelling, but i couldn't help it) is called shock top...or as i call it: "shockey" top.

ella has a saints jersey. it's so precious i could cry.

i have an adorable little container of fleur de sel that i need to use. google it. it's francais.

matt installed a swype keyboard on my droid. uhh, it's pretty friggin sweet. and it's in beta, so that makes me feel important.

ella is spread out like an oil slick, snoozing away. it's making me sleepy.

finally watched "the hangover" this weekend. i laughed. i laughed often.

but it's no "anchorman."

audrey! i look like hell!

the next 5 weekends are booked for the everetts. or at least mrs. everett.

and while i'm being random, i'll go ahead and say that i met our health insurance deductible for the year before most of you guys had recovered from your new year's hangover.

i'm actually une petite proud. sick sad life.

i really miss daria.

if you read this and still think i have a slight possibility of still being a cool person, i thank you.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

in honor of my still raspy voice...

it's tuesday and i still can't talk all that great. it reminds of phoebe's "sexy phlegm."

my sticky shoes...my sticky sticky shoes

and i have every intention of losing my voice altogether on february 7th. we've already planned to congregate at the same location, bring the same food and wear the same clothes as we did for the nfc. oh, and bring ella. my wittle good luck charm.

once the game was over, everyone in mid-city was on their porches or in the streets cheering and shooting fireworks. cars were all honking and strangers were hugging and others were coming up with creative ways to hug themselves. my heart swelled with pride.

so. with that being said. i felt compelled to list a reason or two why i love new orleans. and if you're sick of hearing about new orleans, whether good or bad, then just humor me. i don't get excited very often.

where to begin...

-the food. THE food. THE FOOD. it's unbelievable. seriously, i've taken some first bites at a few places here and my eyes literally welled up. please come eat at brigtsen's. and dante's kitchen. and jacques-imo's. and green goddess.

-elizabeth's praline bacon deserves its own spot on the list.

-abita beer, sazeracs, gin fizz...

-shotgun houses, the garden district, audubon park

- you're a dead giveaway as a tourist if you properly say "calliope" and "burgundy." but only when referencing the streets.

-it's "cal-ee-ohp" and "bur-GUN-dee"

-brocato's cannolis. they bring me to tears often.

-krewe of muses

-tons and TONS of festivals.

-the shopping on magazine st.

-that i can take ella basically everywhere

-3 martini fridays. and there was one or two margarita tuesdays.

-second lines

-street performers

-king cakes, beignets and everything at sucre'

-prytania theater

-beads in the trees and on the powerlines year round

i could go on but it's time for idol. omg avril lavigne, i loooove you!


see ya later, boy.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

aaaaaannndd my voice is gone...

two quick things before bed:

1) my saints are going to the super bowl. the SUPER.FREAKING.BOWL.

2) sometimes i think about my childhood friends and where they are in their lives and how i kind of want what they have. but then i remember...i live in new orleans. and i dare say i LOVE new orleans.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

may not be the best outlet

but seriously. it's been on my chest for a long time.

i am angry. ANGRY. and i don't really know how to get over it. you know how you can keep playing hurtful events over in your head and you just get angry all over again? reopens the wound.

that's me. i think about it almost every night when i have my "me" time. and i get wicked pissed off every time. maybe i don't want to get over it...some people like holding a grudge.


it's really really good that i got away. the distance has done little to unpiss me off but it hasn't been exacerbated by having to be in close proximity and make nice. oh i could just gag.

i should've grown a pair a long time ago and nipped it in the bud. but i was still "doormat sommer" who just wanted to be liked.

now i'm close to being "eff off sommer." i care less and less every day what people think of me. a priceless trait i'm learning from matt. i may take it a little further than him. i need to learn moderation.

anyway. i kept most of the details private on purpose. i'm not one to air my dirty laundry on the internet. there's just a person out there that my heart is harboring some serious anger towards and has been for a while. and i honestly don't think i'm ready to let it go.

i'm drinking wine and watching "the real world." it's hard to not be dramatic.

i can sincerely say right now that i don't think i would really care if i never spoke to you again.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

psycho dog

ella has a lot of toys...and they are all ripped and shredded and de-squeakered. this is why. forgive my poor lighting.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

achey joints

thanks to this frigid weather. and my age.

i've definitely noticed a change in my "wine palate" over the last year or so. i used to only be able to handle the distinctly sweet ones...particularly moscatos and white zins. now i could drink those puppies like juice...or milk...or sprite. drier is definitely better. particularly a pinot grigio from new zealand. brancott, i think. screw top is the way to go!

so i'm watching the bcs championship and there's this tiny knot in my stomach now that mccoy is hurt. i'm sure the rest of you are all "RTR! RTR!" but i just can't bring myself to cheer for the tide for two reasons:

1) john parker wilson's grade A loins are no longer around for me to gawk at.
2) saban ABANDONED us to go to bama. we're all still bitter, nick. nick satan.

i'm excited to break out my new creuset pots this weekend and make some white chili. i'll need something warm in my tummy since it's been so cold lately that ella's pee freezes before it even hits the ground.

if you know someone doesn't like you, do you still make an effort to like them? i find it hard. and sometimes i don't have any interest in being the bigger person (confession!).

i didn't need to put a period there.

another picture of my niece because i think she's preeeshy.

you're probably gonna be seeing a lot of these over the next few weeks/months. years.

Monday, January 4, 2010

i refuse to call it "twenty ten"

the everetts aren't really known for their big new years eve plans. this year was no different. a few close friends, champagne, and fondue was all we needed. and some fireworks.

i had to do an inventory count at a client today and the inventory manager hugged me when i told her that the one item she couldn't find didn't matter. i've never had a client hug me. it was nice. cause it was a woman. and not a grody man.

the other person helping us was a precious little black man named herman. herman! so great.

i decided to lift up the chain surrounding the parking lot in downtown nola on saturday instead of ducking under it and by doing so i think i pulled a chesticle. it was deceptively heavy. and downtown was infested with florida fans from the sugar bowl.

luckily, none of them knew where one of our fave hole in the wall restaurants is (it only has about 4 tables so i prefer it to stay under wraps). i was able to enjoy my pear brandy and champagne in peace. and dine on pulled pork and slaw atop a jalapeno-corn pancake. or flapjack? and sweet potato biscuits with red pepper jelly.

*drool. DROOOL.

last but not least, on new years eve our little niece was born. she's uber cute. my bro skyped me last night and set his laptop in her bassinet so i could talk to her.

look how preshy...

her name is eden. and she looks just like my brother. who looks a lot like me. so basically she looks like me.

i'm convinced.